Prince William ‘firming up royal’ position to combat Meghan and Harry’s celebrity status

Harry and William: Relationship 'impacts monarchy' says Nicholl

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Royal expert Charlotte Griffiths claimed Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge have been behaving more mundane on purpose. While speaking to host Jo Elvin on Palace Confidential, she claimed the pair were dedicated to showing a royal image. She noted that this contrasted Meghan Markle and Prince Harry who were settling into a more celebrity-like lifestyle.

Ms Elvin said: “Royal expert Penny Junor in the documentary said it is ridiculous to think of Prince William and Prince Harry as celebrities as they are the Royal Family.

“That just seems less and less the case.

“Maybe Harry and Meghan moving to the US has made them more celebrity culture over royal culture, is that true?”

Ms Griffiths replied: “It is definitely true of Harry and Meghan.

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“They are celebrities now but the royal rule has always been that they are not celebrities.”

The royal expert then reflected on Prince William and Kate’s public image strategy.

She said: “I think Prince William and Kate are looking more and more mundane almost on purpose.

“She was out the other day wearing a Zara jacket and they are still doing their walkabouts in normal places in England.

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“I think that they are actually firming up their position as the monarchy not celebrities and they are trying to do that on purpose.”

This idea is amplified by the ongoing feud between Prince Harry and Prince William.

For many royal commentators, the moment the two brothers met for their mother’s statue unveiling could have marked the start of the relationship repair.

However, a body language expert has argued Prince William ignored Prince Harry’s attempts to connect. 

Speaking on Harry and William’s standing posture during the ceremony, body Language expert Blanca Cobb told US weekly: “If you look at their feet, the feet can really tell you a lot.

“So when Harry would turn his feet to angle towards his brother, his brother didn’t respond by turning to Harry.

“So what that indicates is Prince William was more stoic, he was less engaging with his brother.

“In my opinion, I think Harry was trying to make attempts to engage.”

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