Prince William had to quit degree as he admits he fell ASLEEP during university lectures

Prince William ‘doesn’t want to see Andrew’ says Graham

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The Duke of Cambridge, who celebrates his 40th birthday today, revealed he was “terrible” for dozing off. William made the comments to The Big Issue seller David Martin as he secretly joined him on his patch in Westminster.

Mr Martin and the Duke sold 32 copies of the magazine in an hour, an amount that would usually take a week to sell, Mr Martin said.

The Duke said he had enjoyed learning about Renaissance art but started to get “a bit dozy” when studying modern art.

As a result he switched to study Geography and successfully graduated with a 2:1 in 2005.

In order to mark his birthday the Duke is appearing on the front cover of The Big Issue.

He said: “I studied a bit of art history at university.

“I had to give it up – I kept falling asleep in lectures… terrible.

“We did a lot of Renaissance, which was amazing, but then once we got into modern art, I started to get a bit dozy.”

William began studying at St Andrews near Edinburgh in 2001. 

He met his future wife Kate Middleton who was also studying History of Art at the Scottish university.

In the interview the Duke also encouraged people to ditch their “wireless earphones” and interact more with each other.

He said: “I’m lucky because I am who I am. Often, people are happy to talk to me.

“We’ve got to push back on the normality that is popping in your wireless earphones and wandering down the street, listening to music or on a phone. 

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“In a city, you walk past hundreds of people every day and you don’t even look at them.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to find out a bit more about the people on either side of you?”

The Duke said his experience as a Big Issue seller had been “truly eye opening”.

He added: “I wanted to experience the other side and see what it was like to be a Big Issue vendor.

“My time was truly eye opening. I was lucky to join Dave on a warm, sunny day in June.

“People recognised a familiar face and were happy to give me the time of day.

“But that isn’t the case for the vast majority of Big Issue vendors, who sell year round – including through the bleak winter months.”

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