Prince William names his favourite Christmas film – ‘It still makes me laugh’

Prince William discusses 'bringing family together' at Christmas

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Some might cite heart warming classics such as It’s a Wonderful Life or comedy favourites like Home Alone or The Muppet Christmas Carol.However, The Duke of Cambridge has gone for something completely different in the form of Will Ferrell’s modern classic festive comedy Elf.

He said: “It’s very funny and I keep watching it every Christmas and it still makes me laugh.”

Elf also stars Zooey Deschanel, Bob Newhart, Ed Asner, Kyle Gass, Andy Richter, Peter Dinklage and Amy Sedaris.

It’s a feel-good classic with heart-warming messages of being yourself.

For example, singing loudly to spread Christmas cheer and eating your spaghetti with syrup on top.

Fundamentally the film is about a naive Elf in New York trying to bond with his father.

However, in some ways it’s more interesting about what the Duke didn’t choose rather than what he did.

It might be hard to emphasise with underdog George Bailey battling against the greedy Mr Potter in It’s A Wonderful life when you are going to be king one day.

It’s also noticeable William didn’t choose any of the multiple royal themed Christmas films.

Hallmark and Netflix in particular, have many prince and princess themed festive films but perhaps these are a bit too close to home.

Considering royal Christmases tend to be very formal affairs based around Buckingham Palace and Sandringham, perhaps the Duke wanted a contrast.

There is also the fact that William is no longer an eligible royal bachelor.

He is married with three small children all under the age of ten.


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Therefore, his viewing habits may have changed.

Elf itself is a wonderful escapist comedy, even for a member of the royal family.

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