Prince William praised for defending Kate over ‘rude’ Meghan Markle

ITV’s Loose Women clash over Prince Harry

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In his new tell-all autobiography Spare, Prince Harry claims Prince William confronted Meghan Markle after she suggested Kate, Princess of Wales, had a “baby brain”. The Duke of Sussex alleged that Prince William pointed at Meghan and said her “rude” comment was not how things were done in Britain. Meghan apparently responded by telling William to “take your finger out of my face”, according to The Telegraph.

In the wake of the bombshell allegation, many are siding with Prince William over his decision to defend the Princess of Wales.

Taking to Twitter, former aide to Margaret Thatcher, Nile Gardiner wrote: “Meghan Markle is incredibly rude and disrespectful towards the Royal Family, its thousand year traditions, and the British people that cherish it.

“Very good to hear that both William and Kate stood up to her, and challenged her complete lack of manners.”

Harry also alleged that Kate demanded an apology for the comment during a reconciliatory tea at Kensington Palace in June 2018.

Twitter users appeared to be in agreement with Gardiner’s take on the events.

User Dash wrote: “I agree, I’d love to see what she would do if and when she meets other Royals around the world. Would she be disrespectful to them?”

Likewise, Sara tweeted: “The whole point of the royal family is to be subservient to the institution. Would have been incredibly frustrating to see some newcomer come in and think that they can use it to promote their brand and hypocritical politics.”

Other users were less sympathetic to the argument. Twitter user Mr P wrote: “Or maybe as an outsider she came in and thought this out dated ‘tradition’ is just b**s.”

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Another user, mabinogion2019, tweeted: “Do you mean that she refused to bow and scrape and lick the royal behind. Good for her. Tradition the glue of British society. Let’s hope it melts quickly.”

The confrontation happened just two months after Kate had given birth to her third child Prince Louis, and the month after Harry and Meghan’s wedding at Windsor Castle.

Harry claimed in his book that Kate told Meghan: “You talked about my hormones. We are not close enough for you to talk about my hormones.”

He added that the Princess was so “offended” that she held onto the upholstered side of her chair until her fingers went white.

The discussion had taken place some weeks earlier over the phone when the two women were discussing wedding rehearsals.

When Kate told Meghan she had forgotten something insignificant, Meghan suggested she might have “baby brain”.

Harry claimed that his wife was confused as to why Kate had been so upset, suggesting that was how she spoke to her friends.

The latest bombshells come ahead of Prince Harry’s much-anticipated 60 minutes interview with Anderson Cooper this Sunday.

More explosive revelations are expected to come out of the interview, although it may play out differently to the Oprah interview, a royal expert has claimed.

Richard Fitzwilliams told that TV megastar Oprah Winfrey failed to “forensically examine” the answers given by the Prince and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle when she interviewed the couple in 2021.

Frankly, we are looking at a very very substantive and, perhaps, comprehensive interview,” Mr Fitzwilliams said of the pre-recorded Anderson Cooper sit down.

He added: “The question I’m interested in is whether or not what Harry says will be examined forensically.

“It wasn’t on Oprah, but with Anderson Cooper you may very well get a different type of questioning and it will be very interesting to see what the answers are.”

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