Prince William wants to ‘fix’ royal row with Harry after Netflix show

Prince William and Charles grew closer after Megxit says Palmer

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Prince William would want to make amends with Prince Harry in a bid to heal royal wounds, it has been claimed. The two brothers have reportedly cut contacts following the damaging allegations Prince Harry made against the Royal Family in a Netflix docu-series. Discussions are believed to be happening behind the scenes to mend their differences, a royal correspondent has suggested.

Speaking to the Round Round-Up, Daily Express correspondent Richard Palmer said: “Clearly, William, Prince of Wales, is really not on speaking terms with his brother at the moment. 

“And yet at the same time, senior sources close to the King are saying that he wants to maintain a relationship with Harry, Meghan and their children.

“In an ideal world, he wants to fix things. 

“He wants to mend that broken relationship. I think there’s always a difference between how they act as a family behind the scenes – some of them at least – and what happens officially.”

“So, I think it’s easier for King Charles to maintain some sort of relationship with his son privately as a family member than it is on an official level.”

Tensions between Prince Harry and Prince William have escalated after the release of the Sussexes’ explosive docu-series. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex accused the Royal Family of racism and of engineering a media campaign to direct hate at them to protect other members of the Royal Family from negative medua coverage.

While Buckingham Palace will reportedly “maintain a dignified silence” about the claims, William has “cut all contacts” with his younger brother, The Sunday Times Royal Editor revealed.

One source claimed that their communication had been “extremely strained for a while” and that William had no intention of speaking to him again. Another merely stated, “The whole thing is ridiculous.”

Harry claimed in the documentary that his brother’s employees told the media rumours about him and Meghan.

“I would far rather get destroyed in the press than play along with this game or this business of trading,” he said. “And to see my brother’s office copy the very same thing that we promised the two of us would never ever do, that was heartbreaking.”

Harry lamented his broken relationship with his brother, which the public had previously believed to be unbreakable in the Netflix series.

The “saddest part of it was this wedge created between myself and my brother so that he’s now on the institution’s side. And part of that, I get. I understand, right? That’s his inheritance,” he said.

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“I think that’s it,” a source told Page Six about the brothers. “They’re done.”

A source told Vanity Fair that reconciliation seems highly unlikely at his point: “There’s a great sense of mistrust, it’s why William won’t speak to Harry, because he is nervous that anything he says might end up in a book or a TV series.”

Now that the six episodes of series are out, Prince Harry and Meghan reportedly want to “sit down with the royal family” to discuss the “issues” they have detailed.

According to The Sunday Times, a source close to Prince Harry and Meghan said they’re hoping to meet with senior members of the family, as the two feel they have yet to receive any sort of recognition or apology about what they endured. 

Despite lingering tensions, King Charles has reportedly invited the California-based couple to attend his coronation on May 6 at Westminster Abbey.

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