Prince William’s inspiring ‘baby’ Earthshot Prize wins BAFTA – ‘fourth in line to throne’

Kate and Prince William ‘will be the stars’ says Jobson

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The win prompted the President of BAFTA to personally tweet from the Twitter account of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. He said: “I am so proud of the whole team behind the Earthshot Prize London 2021 for taking home a BAFTA tonight!

“It’s a joy to work with you all and this accolade sets the bar high for inspirational, sustainable live events right across the world.

“We can’t wait for USA 2022! W.”

Host Demot O’Leary called the Earthshot Prize the duke’s “baby” and joked it was “fourth in line to the throne” before he gave “special thanks” to Prince William after accepting the BAFTA best live event award.

The Earthshot Prize is inspired by John F Kennedy’s Moonshot mission to get Brits to the moon before other countries.

At its launch Prince William announced: “Let’s take inspiration and set ourselves a global challenge for this decade.

“For the first time we can see that the world we live in is finite and precious.

“It is for this very reason that I launched the Earthshot prize, the most ambitious environmental prize in history.

“Over the next 10 years we will award five £1million prizes to those who protect and restore nature, fix our climate, clean our air, revive our oceans, and we must build a waste free world.”

The Earthshot Prize Twitter account announced: “Earthshot London 2021 have won a BAFTA!

“Huge congratulations to everyone involved in our inaugural awards, which celebrated some of the most extraordinary solutions to the Earth’s greatest challenges.”

Support from royal fans came flooding in on social media platforms with @loveforcambridg tweeting: “Soooo well deserved! The ceremony was really beautiful and I’m excited for the one that will happen in the US this year.

“Big congratulations to the entire Earthshot Prize team.”

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Another added: “Congratulations to the whole team, it was a beautiful event, it conveyed hope, and made us believe that we can save our planet.”

@LisaEllwood said: “Phenomenal news! Leading by example for sustainable events and climate action solutions. Congratulations to the entire team.”

The Duke of Cambridge addressed the audience in a pre-recorded video which highlighted the powers of programme creators who have a “unique role” and can “ensure climate change and sustainability remain at the forefront of our collective consciousness”.

He added: “I hope you will all continue to carry on your invaluable work, keeping environmental issues high up on the agenda of programming in these years ahead.”

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