Princess Anne’s furious rant reduced Sarah Ferguson to tears: ‘You’re an outsider!’

Princess Anne 'made Fergie cry' claims royal expert in 2019

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Anne looked to galvanise Great Britain’s Olympic team this week after sending a message of support ahead of the Tokyo games. She was the first member of the Royal Family to compete in the Olympics when she rode the Queen’s horse, Goodwill, in the equestrian three-day event in Montreal in 1976. As President of the British Olympic Association, she wished them success, urging them that though the games may be different because of the coronavirus pandemic, they are “no less important”.

The video was characteristically Anne: no nonsense, straight talking, get the job done and come back home with medals.

She has become known for this frank and often at times off-hand style.

None was this more present than in her relationship to Sarah Ferguson, her brother Prince Andrew’s wife, affectionately known as Fergie.

Fergie entered the royal fold at the same time as Princess Diana, Prince Charles’ former wife.

The two would change the face of the Royal Family from the inside out, bringing to the Firm a fresh and modern outlook that had yet to be seen.

Anne, however, is said to have held this modernity with a certain contempt, it being completely different to anything she had ever experienced or operated in.

On more than one occasion she made her opinion of the two known.

One notable incident was explored in the documentary, ‘Fergie: Downfall of the Duchess’, in which biographer David Leigh recounts a story about Anne reducing Fergie to tears.

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He said: “Anne once called her an ‘outsider’ at a family lunch.

“And there was a furious row between Andrew and Anne.

‘Fergie walked out in tears.

“Andrew demanded that Anne apologise, which she did.

“But after that, there was a very, very frosty relationship between Fergie and Anne.”

The Princess Royal has managed to balance being a royal and leading a relatively private life.


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She chose not to give her children, Peter and Zara, royal titles, in order for them to live as normal lives as possible.

She also manages and runs her private estate from her own finances.

Anne and Fergie never had much in common.

The Duchess of York barely mentions her former sister-in-law in her 1996 autobiography, ‘My Story’, that she published after her divorce.

In 1991, she went as far as to tell her royal biographer Ingrid Seward that she felt pressure to find her own royal niche as did Anne.

She said: “What can I do?

“Anne has the Third World and Diana has Birthright.

“I need to be involved too.”

Her frosty reception was not limited to Anne either.

Princess Margaret, the Queen’s sister, is said to have taken a dislike to Fergie.

Although initially friendly, the two royal women’s relationship deteriorated after the Duchess of York became embroiled in scandal.

In the documentary, royal correspondent Judy Wade recalls the time Fergie sent Margaret some flowers, which the Princess promptly returned with the note: “How dare you send me flowers? Have you ever considered what damage you’ve done to the Royal Family?”

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