Princess Charlene breaks silence after dash to hospital as she remains apart from Albert

Princess Charlene celebrates 10th wedding anniversary

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Princess Charlene returned on her Instagram account to promote her foundation’s conservation campaign #ChasingZero. This came one week after the royal was rushed to hospital “after collapsing due to complications from the severe ear, nose and throat infection she contracted in May”.

The wife of Prince Albert II, who has since been discharged, shared two Instagram Stories focused on stopping wildlife poaching.

Both stories included two striking black-and-white shots showing Princess Charlene wearing dramatic black eye make-up and pointing a finger towards the camera while staring at the viewers.

One snap bore the message, written in blood red, “rhino horn not cool” and invited to “swipe up to donate” to Princess Charlene Foundation’s conservation initiative.

The second picture didn’t present any message, only invited the royal’s followers to “swipe up” to be taken to a webpage inviting them to donate to the #ChasingZero cause. 

The website presents a short video in which Princess Charlene speaks about her foundation’s initiative.

Sitting outdoor on the ground, Charlene said in the impassioned video: “Rhino horn is not cool. It ain’t cool.

“It is a problem and we, we have to sort this out, we can’t rely on government or anybody, it begins with us, ourselves, we need to unite.

“World, get behind us! This is what I want, this is what we need. 

“There is no time, we are chasing zero. Help me, support me.”

She continued: “This is why I am here, every person on this planet has the ability and the opportunity to make this world better.”

This initiative has an unexpected link with Monaco, as people donating to the cause, which aims at stopping wildlife poaching and educating people about conservation and preservation, will also enter a competition to win two tickets to the next Monaco F1 Grand Prix among other prizes.

The conservation work she is carrying out in South Africa has been Princess Charlene’s reason to travel to her homeland in May. 

The royal was expected to remain in the country only for a few days, but has been forced to remain grounded there for months after developing a ENT infection following a sinus lift and bone graft held in preparation for dental implants.

To make up for her prolonged absence from home, Prince Albert and their children Jaques and Gabriella have visited Charlene twice over the summer.

Moreover, over the summer months, the princess has undergone three surgeries, with the last taking place on August 13.

Discussing her health conditions in July, she told South Africa Radio 702: “Initially I was supposed to be here for 10 to 12 days. 

“Unfortunately, I had a problem equalising my ears, and I found out through the doctors that I had a sinus infection and quite a serious one.

“So, it’s taking time to address this problem that I’m having.”

Stressing she “can’t force healing”, Princess Charlene said she was expecting to remain in South Africa until the end of October.

However, following Charlene’s last surgery Prince Albert appeared to be hopeful his wife could return to Monaco sooner than expected.

He told People magazine: “She’s ready to come home.” 

The return date, he noted, will very much “depend on what her doctor says”.

However, he added: “I know she’s said possibly ‘late October’ but that was before this most recent round of appointments.

“I’m pretty sure we can cut that time frame a little short.”

The interview was published before it was revealed the Monaco princess had been admitted to hospital.     

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