Princess Charlotte ‘has unlimited possibilities’ as George prepares to take over as King

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The five-year-old is set to be able to “do anything she wants” when she grows up, a luxury not always afforded to the second eldest child to an heir to the throne. The world is a different place to that endured by previous royal children, and with the “endless possibilities” for women in the workplace, Charlotte has been touted for a career doing anything she dreams of. Previously, siblings such as Prince William and Prince Harry, or the Queen and Princess Margaret, have struggled to maintain their public relationships as they come to terms with their future royal roles.

For example, Harry and William reportedly fell out after William began to realise that he would one day become King, author Robert Lacey claimed.

This relationship between siblings in line to the throne is not especially new, with many examples over the years of the second-born child of a future monarch feeling isolated with what their role in the Firm could be.

Fears have been raised that Charlotte could follow a similar direction as Harry, or Princess Margaret.

But royal commentator Victoria Murphy has argued that by the time Charlotte is old enough to understand she will be on a different path to her brother, the youngster will be able to do whatever she wants.

Good Morning Britain’s Ben Shephard asked the commentator whether Charlotte’s “lack of responsibility” may also impact how she is brought up by William, and her mother Kate Middleton.

Ms Murphy said: “Yes. I don’t think William and Kate will separate the way they treat them, I think they’ll be brought up in exactly the same way.

“But of course, they are going to be told at some point that these are your future roles and George will be told one day you will be King, and Charlotte will be told you won’t be.

“And of course, as George goes on to have children, she will be knocked further and further down the line of succession.

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“But I think that does give her more freedom, because in an age where opportunities are unlimited for women, as they are for men, she can really do whatever she wants.”

Alongside William and Harry’s row, other brothers and sisters have been known to go off the rails as a result of not being the next in line to the throne.

For example, Prince Charles’ brother Prince Andrew earned himself a reputation as the “playboy prince” in his youth before he married Sarah Ferguson.

Tabloids also dubbed him “Randy Andy”, but his controversial friendship with paedophile Jeffrey Epstein saw him retreat from frontline royal service.

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Reflecting on Andrew, Catherine Mayer, author of Charles: The Heart of a King’, said last year: “There was always something tragicomic to Prince Andrew’s trajectory.

“Or at least it was tragicomic until we found out about his association with Epstein, and then the comedy drained away.”

He also faced similar questions about his reputation as a younger royal during an interview on BBC Newsnight, which addressed his relationship with Epstein.

In response to host Emily Maitlis’ question about what he was perceived as the “party prince”, he responded: “It’s a bit of a stretch.

“I don’t know why I’ve collected that title because I don’t… I never have really partied.”

Another royal who earned a similar reputation was Margaret, the Queen’s sister.

Margaret was known for breaking royal protocol as she enjoyed the high life of complicated romances and attending extravagant parties, the complete opposite of her sister.

Royal historian Piers Brendon added in this year’s Inside the Crown: Secrets of the Royals: “The traditional picture of Princess Margaret was that she was the naughty one, while her older sister was the goody-goody two-shoes.

“And there’s a lot of truth in that.”

But many observers will hope Charlotte’s relationship doesn’t follow that of William and Harry’s, which Mr Lacey argued was cemented following the Duke of Sussex’s treatment after he infamously dressed up as a Nazi for a party.

He did, however, argue that this rift had actually come about many years before, as William began to understand his destiny as being an heir to the throne.

The decision to wear such a contentious outfit was taken by both brothers, Mr Lacey claims, and left William “laughing all the way back to Highgrove” before Harry was snapped in the uniform.

The fallout was grim for Harry, as he made front page news across the globe and was fiercely criticised for bringing the UK, and the Royal Family, into disrepute.

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