Princess Charlotte nickname: What Charlotte will be called at school

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Princess Charlotte, five, and her older brother Prince George, seven, are both pupils at Thomas’s Battersea. During the coronavirus lockdown the Cambridge children have been tutored by their royal parents, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William. But Kate and William will no longer be teachers, as the new school term has begun.

This week both Charlotte and George will start the new school term in Year One and Year Three respectively.

And despite attending a posh private school, with fees costing £19,287 a year, Charlotte and George are treated exactly the same as other students as soon as they enter school premises.

Because of this, while in school it may mean Charlotte has a slightly different name and title than usual.

Members of the Royal Family don’t use surnames, but when they need one they often use the title of their royal house or their parents’ title.

The Queen issued a decree many years ago which stated her children would use the surname of Mountbatten-Windsor whenever they needed one, in tribute to the royal house of Windsor but also her husband, Prince Philip.

Prince Charles’ sons Prince William and Prince Harry used the surname of ‘Wales’ throughout their schooling, but also in their military careers.

The name derived from their father’s title as Prince of Wales.

For George, Charlotte and their younger brother Louis, the children use their father’s title whenever they need a surname.

While in school, it would probably be difficult to constantly refer to Charlotte as her full title – Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

So it stands to reason while the children are in school, they are known simply as George Cambridge and Charlotte Cambridge.

As well as opting not to use royal titles in school, Kate and William also seem to forego titles while at home, and have adopted nicknames for their royal brood.

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What nicknames does Princess Charlotte have?

Adorably, it is thought Kate, Duchess of Cambridge refers to her only daughter as ‘Lottie’, a sweet abbreviation of her actual name.

But Prince William’s nickname for Charlotte is perhaps the sweetest.

In a video posted on the Kensington Royal Instagram last year, Prince William can be heard calling Charlotte ‘Mignonette’.

The French term means “small and sweet”, “dainty” and “delicate”.

Charlotte has also earned herself the nickname of “Warrior Princess” for her outgoing personality.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl told ET: “Apparently she earned that nickname because obviously she is a princess but she is quite a tomboy.

“She loves climbing trees and she’s very much an adventurer.”

Prince George also has a few nicknames, with the best perhaps being ‘PG Tips’, in reference to his initials, PG, and the famous tea brand.

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