Princess Charlotte wows US pundits with favourite UK animal ‘Never put that together!’

Princess Charlotte's future title discussed by expert

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Hosts of the Royally US podcast Molly Mulshine and Christina Garibaldi were amazed after Prince William discussed Charlotte’s interest with unicorns during a Q&A. The Duke of Cambridge was jokingly asked whether the mythical beasts were real and said his daughter believes they are. But Ms Mulshine went one step further noting unicorns have close ties to the UK, particularly Scotland.

Speaking on the Royally US podcast, the two hosts played a clip of William being asked whether unicorns were real or not.

He replied: “Well, I think if you talk to my daughter she would say they were real but obviously it’s a trade secret so I can’t possibly comment.”

Mr Garibaldi loved the precious moment but noted Charlotte’s love for unicorns has been long documented.

The young royal has been pictured multiple times holding unicorn toys or accessories either at school or other events.

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But Ms Mulshine loved the link with the UK.

She explained: “I had never put it together before that the unicorn is Scotland’s national animal.

“And you see the symbol in London engraved into things everywhere, it’s sort of like a symbol of the UK and particularly of Scotland.

“So it’s kinda cool that she’s carrying that on, even though it is pink and sparkly.”

Princess Charlotte 'way ahead of the curve' says expert

According to the National Trust of Scotland, the unicorn is a symbol of purity, innocence and power in Celtic mythology.

They add the mythical beast was notoriously independent and hard to conquer.

Charlotte, six, has been seen several times with unicorn accessories.

During her visit to the King Power Royal Charity Polo Day in 2019, Charlotte was photographed holding a sparkly unicorn purse.


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Additionally, on her visit to primary school, a unicorn chain was on her school bag.

William, 39, has previously discussed his daughter’s her love for them.

He told Elle magazine in 2019: “My daughter loves unicorns; loves them, very cool.”

Prince Charles’ code-name when he visited America was also “unicorn”.

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