Princess Diana heartbroken as Royal Family pressure forced royal to end romance

GB News: Princess Diana revolutionised royal protocol

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Princess Diana met Hasnat Khan at Royal Brompton Hospital in 1995, while he was there working as a surgeon. When the pair were introduced, it was said that Dr Khan nodded politely and then left to get on with his work, not the usual reception that the iconic Princess of Wales was used to. They went on to have a fairly private relationship for two years. 

Emma Cooper, the Executive Producer of the new CNN Original Series DIANA, spoke to Christina Garibaldi on Royally US about the Princess’ relationship. 

Ms Cooper said: “I think he was [the love of her life], they met at the hospital where he was a surgeon.

“She has this extraordinary long relationship with him where she wanted to marry him.

“It was just impossible, he just couldn’t step into that world.”

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She added: “How many times have we seen that with an incredibly famous and powerful woman, it comes at a price.

“I think it was very difficult for him to go along with that relationship.

“I think it broke her heart, that is inevitably what led her to settling into a Dodi Fayed relationship.

“They all knew what it was like to be somebody like that.”

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“To have a lot of money, to have a lot of power, and to need security.

“I think that that’s what drew her into having a high-profile relationship like that, after obviously being with somebody that she loved so much.”

Diana had suffered during the final years in her marriage to Prince Charles, and had also increasingly lost more friends due to her attempts to protect herself from the press. 

She changed her phone number every few months to ensure that no publications were tapping her phone calls, but this also meant that she lost contact with many people. 


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Despite the end of their relationship, Princess Diana held Dr Khan in high esteem for the privacy he had offered her when they were romantically involved.

“Everybody sells me out,” she told a friend just months before her death.

“Hasnat is the one person who will never sell me out.”

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