Princess Diana once ‘flashed’ Princess Michael of Kent in cheeky prank

Princess Diana 25th anniversary: Royal Family 'won't do anything'

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A new four-part documentary series will tell the full story of two police investigations into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales for the first time. Channel 4 will explore the investigations undertaken by the French Brigade Criminelle in 1997 and the Metropolitan Police seven years later. With the first episode airing on Sunday, ‘Investigating Diana: Death in Paris’ will draw attention back to the fatal car crash that sparked widespread debate across the world. 

Nicknamed ‘The People’s Princess’, Diana was a well-loved royal whose stardom reached heights never-before-seen within the House of Windsor. 

She was widely recognised for her kindness and relatability, while also joining the likes of Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn as a style and fashion icon. 

But Diana also had a cheeky sense of humour and easy wit, which often defied people’s expectations of what a princess should be like, and went against the typical behaviour of members of the Royal Family.

Kinsey Schofield, founder and creator of LA-based royal site, remembered the princess’ sense of humour, telling that Diana was “always laughing and telling jokes”. 

Revealing a particularly hilarious anecdote from her upcoming book ‘R is for the Revenge Dress’, Ms Schofield said: “Diana’s personal trainer gave her a thong and Diana put it on and went and flashed it in front of Princess Michael of Kent and a group of her stuffy friends. 

“Diana was always teasing Princess Michael of Kent because she wasn’t her biggest fan, even though they were neighbours. 

“That’s one of my favourite Diana stories.”

Princess Diana and Princess Michael did not see eye to eye, and the Queen’s cousin’s wife was a frequent target of the Princess of Wales’ pranks. 

Princess Michael, born Baroness Marie-Christine, is married to Prince Michael of Kent, the son of Prince George, Duke of Kent and Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark, and first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. 

Despite their known indifference, the two princesses were each other’s closest neighbours. 

Diana’s personal trainer, Carolan Brown, spoke about her prank on Princess Michael in the 2017 Amazon Prime documentary ‘Princess Diana – The Woman Inside’. 

He said: “I bought [Diana] an outfit to wear, which was a thong.

“Thongs were just coming into fitness-wear fashion, and she was very happy to wear it.”

Richard Kay, a former royal correspondent and close confidante of the Princess of Wales, added: “Diana rushed out in a very revealing gym kit and surprised Princess Michael as she and a whole bunch of rather stuffy friends were going off to the races.”

Ms Brown continued: “She wanted to embarrass them – which I think she did achieve!”

Mr Kay recounted another time the princess targeted her neighbour, describing the moment that Diana and her friend Simone Simmons joined forces to prank Princess Michael. 

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With green, avocado face masks on, the pair “thrust their faces together out of the window looking like a pair of Martians, as Princess Michael was again about to get into a grand car to go somewhere important.”

Ms Simmons later told the documentary that Diana had asked her if she wanted to take a “beautiful cat” from the Palace home.

She said the princess told her: “This cat’s very, very unhappy living with Princess Michael, as is everybody else who lives there, so would you please take her home with you?”

And when it emerged that the cat had a microchip, Diana reportedly laughed: “Wouldn’t it be funny if we both ended up in prison?”

Ms Simmons added: “She didn’t like Princess Michael of Kent and the feeling was mutual.”

While the tension between the two royals was well-known, it was not until 2005 that Princess Michael’s true feelings towards Diana were revealed.

She was caught in a sting by the notorious “Fake Sheikh” Mahzer Mahmoud, who also duped Sophie, Countess of Wessex four years earlier. 

Speaking in the 2017 Channel 5 documentary ‘The Royal Family at War’, royal author Katie Nicholl said: “Princess Michael of Kent described Diana as nasty and bitter.

“She alleged that Charles was jealous of his wife’s fame.”

Princess Michael allegedly told the Fake Sheikh that Diana was merely a “womb” for Charles, and argued that Prince William was “too young” to marry Kate Middleton. 

Diana was not the only member of the Royal Family who endured a frosty relationship with Princess Michael. 

Former royal aide Dickie Arbiter revealed in the documentary that it was Princess Anne who came up with the royal’s now-infamous nickname, “Princess Pushy.”

The first episode of ‘Investigating Diana: Death in Paris’ airs tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm.

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