Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice’s nickname for mum Sarah Ferguson unveiled

Sarah Ferguson reveals what her daughters compare her to

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Prince Andrew’s former wife, Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson recently spoke to Iain Dale on his LBC Podcast all about her first historical novel, her life, and her family. During the discussion, Fergie opened up about her “close” relationship with her two daughters, Princess Beatrice, 33, and Princess Eugenie, 32. The 62-year-old also revealed that her daughters, who she referred to as “my babies” during the podcast, have a special nickname for her.

Mr Dale asked Fergie: “When you’ve been a member of the Royal Family, there’s lots of people who want a bit of you and they want a bit of you for their own selfish reasons.

“Do you think that that’s been a problem over the years where you’ve trusted people that maybe shouldn’t have had your trust.”

Fergie said: “Well done for knowing me so well.

“Do you know what it is Iain, I am far too trusting.

“My girls [Beatrice and Eugenie] call me, I’m like a big puppy dog, a labrador.

“You know, be kind to me and I’ll, you know.”

She added: “I fall into so many traps, well, in the past more than now because maybe I’ve learnt at last”.

The former royal said: “I asked a first responder the other day, Iain, I said how do you go in, you’re a firefighter and you go in and see the most incredible, terrible situations, how is it [that] you’re not traumatised by what you see.

“I just couldn’t do it”.

She added that the first responder said that he “couldn’t go up on a stage and talk to a thousand people”, before adding that “everybody’s mind is different”.

Beatrice and Eugenie are 'phenomenal mothers' says Fergie

The 62-year-old claimed that her mind is “not trained” to know that “someone’s set me up or someone’s trying to trick me.

“[because] I believe, and I have compassion, and I believe I could not do that to another therefore, I naively, yes I agree, fall into traps because I think no-one would be cruel like that.

“Now, I found out the hard way, didn’t I”.

Mr Dale responded that it’s something that “comes with age”.


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In 2018, Fergie revealed just how close she is with her two royal daughters during a night out.

As she climbed into her personal car, a touching note, which read “I love you mummy xx” could be seen taped to the back of the passenger seat.

The Sun reported, at the time, that “judging by the label’s crumples and tatty edges” that the note “had been there for quite a while”.

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