Princess Kate dons apron in new video featuring candid chat

Kate Middleton speaks to pupils for Children’s Mental Health Week

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The Princess of Wales appeared in a two-minute-long video showing glimpses of a visit she carried out to a school in east London. The clip was filmed to mark the beginning of Children’s Mental Health Week, during which schools, patronages, experts and parents are invited to put the spotlight on the importance of young people’s mental health.

In the video, Kate looked radiant while speaking to the camera in a white and blue striped jumper and a pair of blue trousers.

Speaking from one of the classrooms at St John’s CE Primary School in Bethnal Green, the royal said: “I’m delighted to be supporting Children’s Mental Health Week yet again, and it’s lovely to be here at St John’s Primary School.

“It’s been wonderful to speak to so many children here about the importance of connections and the important people in their lives too.”

Later on in the film, she added: “I’m a firm believer in giving children the skills that they need for life and focusing on their social and emotional development.”

During the video, the Princess sat down with the school pupils doing arts and crafts at a round table.

Donning an apron, she prompted the children to speak about the week celebrating the importance of their mental health and the theme of this year’s initiative, “let’s connect”.

The royal looked positively impressed by the children’s answers when she asked them about why it’s important to connect with others and how they manage their emotions.

Discussing how to deal with difficult feelings such as anger or sadness, one of the pupils told Her Royal Highness: “I take deep breaths in, then I drink a glass of water”.

Speaking to the children about the importance of connecting with others, Kate also said: “It helps you feel part of things, doesn’t it? Makes you feel like you’ve got relationships and people in your lives that matter.”

Kate carried out this engagement as the patron of Place2Be, an organisation which has been providing mental health services in schools for more than 25 years and launched Children’s Mental Health Week in 2015.

As her engagement was ending, the royal told the pupils: “Well, thank you for having a chat with me today, and keep talking about your feelings, and keep asking others how they are doing and helping them to talk about their feelings as well.”

Catherine Roche, CEO at Place2Be, said the charity was “delighted” to be supported by Kate in its mission to “help shine a spotlight on the importance of supporting mental health from an early age”.

She added: “As the children of St John’s Primary have shown, taking part in activities and having positive conversations that help us connect with others, make us feel so much better.

“This Children’s Mental Health Week we are encouraging everyone to make time to connect.”

This discussion comes just days after Kate launched her new campaign, Shaping Us, focused on highlighting the importance of the experiences and teaching children have in the first five years of life for their development.

To promote the new initiative, the royal travelled to Leeds, where she met students, business owners and locals, and released a claymation film showing some important experienced lived through by the fictional character Layla.

Moreover, a seven-minute video showing a chat between her and TV host Roman Kemp was published on Friday.

The video includes a candid chat on suicide and mental health as well as the importance of having strong relationships.

While speaking, the pair also acknowledged how personal financial struggles may affect parents amid the ongoing cost-of-living crisis.

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