Princess Kate shares which Royal Family member eats all the chocolate

During the pandemic, Princess Kate and Prince William virtually visited Casterton Primary Academy in Burnley, Lancashire around Easter time.

In conversation with some teachers and students – the latter of which were sporting adorable Easter bunny ears – Kate shared which royal particularly enjoys Easter chocolate.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis undoubtedly enjoy a sweet treat once in a while.

Prince Louis is fond of one dessert in particular – when he tried the delicious chocolate treat it “made his day”, prompting a hilarious reaction from the young royal.

But it’s not the five-year-old who scoffs the most chocolate in the family, nor is it his older brother or sister.

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Kate made the revelation when the teachers sweetly wished them a happy Easter, with one remarking that the royals might have some chocolate at home this season.

William said: “There will be a lot of chocolate eaten here, don’t worry.”

Smiling at her husband, Kate joked: “You keep eating it.”

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But while Prince William loves his chocs, this is not something he has inherited from his father, King Charles.

Graham Tinsley MBE, former manager of the Welsh Culinary Team, once revealed which three ingredients the King does not like – and they’re all very popular.

In conversation with Hello! Graham said: “[King] Charles doesn’t like chocolate, he doesn’t like coffee, nor does he like garlic.”

Queen Camilla expressed a similar opinion about garlic, revealing on MasterChef Australia exactly why.

The royal was asked what ingredient she would not like to see on a tray at a royal reception.

She answered: “I hate to say this, but garlic. Garlic is a no-no.” As someone who spends most of her time at royal engagements talking to others, it’s important to “lay off” of it to avoid bad breath.

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