Princess Lilibet will become ‘most famous person in the US’

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Princess Lilibet Diana is poised to become the “most famous” celebrity in the US as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry start an “alternate royal family”, one royal expert has said. The comments come a week after Lilibet was christened at the Sussexes’ Montecito home, with Buckingham Palace confirming the princess and her brother would be give proper royal titles.

This means that Princess Lilibet is now set to become the “most famous” celebrity in the states, according to LA-based royal expert Sandro Monetti.

“When Lilibet comes of age, she is going to be the most famous person in California if not America, because she’s the only Princess ever born in California. Just imagine, a 21-year-old Lilibet, she is going to be the biggest celebrity in town,” Mr Monetti said.

He continued: “What we have forming here in California is an alternative royal family, if you like. Yes, they’ve stepped away but at the moment they’ve still got the titles, the children have got the titles.”

Mr Monetti said Americans were “fascinated” with the royal family and that the country had been looking for its own though “various dynasties”.

“It’s a really unique special relationship and I think for a long time America has been looking for its own royal family with various dynasties. If you think there are royal-obsessives in Britain, there are a whole lot more of them here,” Mr Monetti said on HELLO!’s A Right Royal Podcast.

He added: “On the whole [there’s] a great deal of affection for the royal family, especially for the late Queen.”

The Sussexes might even consider moving to Meghan’s home town of Los Angeles as their children came of age, according to Mr Monetti.

He added: “Perhaps even Bel-Air as well, a bit more to the centre of things as their Hollywood careers develop and they decide to focus on that going forward if they so do.”

Meghan and Harry moved to Montecito in 2020 after splitting with the rest of the Royal Family. Princess Lilibet was born in California while her brother, Prince Archie, was born in the UK in 2019.

The couple last week announced that Lilibet has been christened, calling her by her royal title “princess”. A short time later Buckingham Palace updated its website to reflect the children’s royal titles.

The Duke and Duchess have pursued several media endeavours since their move to Montecito, the most explosive of which have been their Netflix series released late last year and Prince Harry’s memoir Spare released in January.

The projects, which levelled a series of allegations against the royal family, have sparked huge debate among royal watchers across the globe.

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