Princess of Wales champions help for those struggling

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She raised their plight as she visited a food bank with her husband Prince William.

Kate, 40, showed her sympathy in Swansea on the second day of the couple’s first Welsh tour as the Prince and Princess of Wales.

She told volunteers at St Thomas Church: “With the cost-of-living crisis, there are a lot of desperate people out there.”

The Princess saluted the food bank as a “lifeline to so many people” and praised its not-for-profit cafe and help for homeless people and new mothers.

Kate added: “What’s so wonderful is there is such a mixture of young and old. You have 90-year-olds as well as youngsters – a real family organisation.

“We need places like this to bring people together, where people can come and engage. It’s what we need post-Covid and with the cost-of-living crisis.”

“Lots of people are too scared to come and engage, so it’s wonderful you go out to see them too.”

Pat Hughes, who runs the food bank, said: “It was lovely to chat with the Princess and it’s something we won’t forget.”

By convention the Royal Family has to remain neutral on political matters.

Kensington Palace said: “Given the number of visits and conversations that take place during these tours, we are unable to verify specific comments that are reported upon.”

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