Prison officers 'laugh' on CCTV as naked inmate is 'tortured' days before death

Shocking CCTV footage shows a naked inmate being dragged down a hallway and restrained by a group of ‘laughing’ guards days before his death.

Allan Marshall, 30, was hauled feet-first and face down on the floor, before a towel was put over his face in the corridor of the Segregation and Reintegration Unit at Saughton Prison in Edinburgh.

The disturbing video, obtained by the Sunday Mail, shows a team of officers surrounding Mr Marshall, with one forcefully placing his knee on the prisoner’s back.

The footage allegedly followed a 27-minute violent struggle between the inmate and as many as 13 officers in the shower unit at the prison.

Pictures show the floor in the shower unit, which is not monitored by cameras, covered in blood.

As the prisoner is taken away by paramedics to a waiting ambulance, some prison officers smile, while one seems to give a thumbs up and others appear to hug.

Mr Marshall, a dad-of-two who owned his own electrical appliance recycling business in Glasgow, later died in hospital after four days in an induced coma.

He had been in prison for almost a month at the time of his death, following an arrest after an incident with a nightclub bouncer.

His family have condemned the treatment as a ‘form of torture’.

Mr Marshall’s aunt Sharon MacFadyen, 46, from Rutherglen, near Glasgow, said she had to leave the room when the video was played for the first time.

She said: ‘We were horrified when we saw the three prison officers at the end bouncing up and down and cuddling each other.

‘We couldn’t believe what was happening.

‘Every time I watch it, I’m still appalled by what I see. I watched the incident again last week involving the three officers and had to walk out of the room.’

She added: ‘We can’t begin to imagine how much he suffered when he was fighting for his life. It was also shocking to watch him being dragged along the floor like a rag doll unable to defend himself.’

The video was published today with the family’s blessing, following the Crown’s decision to grant all of the prison officers involved immunity from prosecution.

This is in return for them giving evidence at a Fatal Accident Inquiry, which took place more than three years after Mr Marshall’s death.

The prison officers told the FAI that Mr Marshall had been reciting prayers and behaving bizarrely in the unit, having refused to take a shower.

The inquiry also heard a claim that the prisoner was suffering from delirium syndrome, a condition that often include attempts at violence, unexpected strength, and very high body temperature.

Forensic pathologist Dr Robert Ainsworth said that Mr Marshall, who had a number of blunt force injuries on his body, was suffering from a heart condition which contributed to his death

It’s claimed that one officer broke their wrist during the incident.

In his published determination, Sheriff Gordon Liddle said Mr Marshall’s death was a ‘tragedy’ that was ‘entirely preventable’.

He said: ‘It was clear that prison officer staff did not tell the whole truth on a number of occasions. Sometimes they appeared to be mutually and consistently dishonest.

‘Allan Stewart Marshall’s death was a tragedy. I am satisfied the evidence which has been led in this inquiry amply demonstrates that Mr Marshall’s death was entirely preventable.’

‘There were numerous opportunities over the period from the early hours of March 22, 2015, to the end of the restraint when a decision by a prison officer to seek NHS prison medical care assistance could have broken the chain of events.’

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