Priti Patel calls for borders to be SHUT as flights STILL arrive in UK from crisis cities

The Home Secretary is seeking cross-party support in order to ban arrivals from countries including the US and Iran from entering the UK to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It has emerged daily flights are still landing in the UK from New York and Tehran despite the UK being placed on lockdown by the Prime Minister. Although airline services have been severely reduced the UK is yet to impose strict restrictions on travel and the Foreign Office advises arrivals from abroad to self-isolate for 14 days.

The US imposed tougher measures and has banned travel from Europe and the UK for 30 days as well as non-essential travel from Canada.

The European Union has also imposed a 30 day travel ban.

The number of cases of coronavirus continues to soar in the US with 67,847 people testing positive and 978 deaths.

In Iran there are 27,017 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 2,077 deaths.

A Home Office source told The Daily Telegraph: “We are most concerned about the daily flights from the US and Iran which are coming in on a daily basis.

“We want to stop non-EEA nationals from flying into the UK.

“The EU is not a problem for the most part because their domestic lockdowns are so severe.

“There is no doubt that we are going to come under increasing pressure to sort this.

“At the moment anyone can come into the UK as a tourist from Iran.

“The only limitation is what that country is doing domestically to stop people going to an airport in the first place.”

In the UK 9,529 people have tested positive for coronavirus.

The Department for Health has confirmed 465 people have now died from contracting COVID-19 – an increase of 43 in the past 24 hours.

On Wednesday the Government’s coronavirus bill passed through the House of Lords.

The 329-page emergency bill will give the Government greater powers to tackle the virus but is yet to be made into official law.


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The emergency bill reads: “[The bill will] enable the Home Secretary to request that port and airport operators temporarily close and suspend operations if Border Force staff shortages result in a real and significant threat to the UK’s border security.

“This is to ensure the UK can maintain adequate border security throughout the pandemic and protect the public from the threat of criminality or importation of prohibited items that could result from an inadequately controlled border.

“This would only be used in extremis, where necessary and proportionate, and any direction will be kept to the minimum period necessary to maintain the security of the UK border.”

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