Pro-IRA graffiti replaced with inspirational messages after Lyra McKee murder

Pro-IRA graffiti that appeared in Derry warning the community against helping the police after the murder of Lyra McKee has been replaced with inspirational messages by Creggan residents.

Last week IRA slogans appeared on a wall in Creggan, just metres away from where journalist Lyra McKee was killed on April 18.

Painted on a wall, one message read “Informers will be executed”, and another said “IRA here to stay”.

Another message included a picture of a rat, with the message “Informers will be shot. IRA”, and another says “RUC Informers: They will forget about you, we won’t. IRA”.

However, on Monday morning the disturbing graffiti had been replaced with messages like “our differences make us stronger” and “Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change”.

Lyra McKee was shot by a dissident republican linked to the New IRA who fired indiscriminately at police lines during disturbances over the Easter weekend.

Police have made a number of arrests and released images of the suspected gunman before and after the killing in Derry in a bid to encourage witnesses to come forward.

Detectives say more than 140 people have already come forward with information, videos and images from the unrest.

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