Pub landlord BANS under-21s in crackdown on ‘idiots’ who ‘don’t know how to behave’

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Brian Hoyle, who runs The Orange Tree in Hereford, said some youths “don’t know how to handle themselves in a pub”. Anyone wearing tracksuits, hoodies, sportswear, bum bags and Stone Island branded gear is now banned from the pub.

Speaking to the Hereford Times Mr Hoyle said: “The youngsters don’t know how to handle themselves in a pub.

“A lot of them turned 18 during lockdown and are just misbehaving to be fair and putting off other customers.

“There are probably people in their 40s or 50s who wear it [sportwear], but I’m trying to make a statement.

“It’s those sort of young ones who are causing trouble.

“There’s a lot of young chavs, or roadmen, with bum bags in Hereford, if you know what I mean, been frequenting the pub and they don’t know how to behave.”

Mr Hoyle explained he is trying to improve The Orange Tree, and make is a “proper” Hereford pub once again.

He has pledged to give ten percent of all earnings for this month to local charities.

The Little Princess Trust, a Hereford based charity that makes wigs for children who lost hair due to illness, will be the first to benefit.

Mr Hoyle’s decision sparked a heated debate on the Hereford Times website.

One reader said: “Very welcome message from this landlord, let’s hope other establishments follow suit.

“The Millennial kids these days just don’t know how to behave properly and are nothing but trouble!”

Another added: “Good idea, I totally admire your intentions.


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“Too many idiots who have too much to drink, and then think they are Bruce Lee!!!!!!

“Hopefully you will notice that your customers are the customers you want, and will continue to come to the orange tree.

“I remember the old orange tree, back in the 80s. Be great to get the pub back to how it was then. A grand place to enjoy a pint.”

A third wrote: “A good PR stunt to gain free advertising and a worthy charitable contribution.

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“But I welcome the idea of this pub cleaning up its’ act in presentation and hopefully others do it by peer pressure.

“I cannot help but notice how scruffy people have come and no pride.”

However not all readers were as supportive of Mr Hoyle’s move.

One critic wrote: “So he can refuse entry to “chavs ” just because he doesn’t like their clothes and say they can’t handle their drink.

“Not all young are the same. As long as they behave their money is as good as anyone’s.”

Another said: “‘Chav’, like ‘Karen’ or ‘Gammon’, is a word used to de-humanise people.

“People are individuals. You have no need to be scared of them. Some are nice.”
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