Public warned not to approach the UK’s most wanted men

Members of the public have been warned not to approach these criminals.

It comes as the National Crime Agency (NCA) revealed the 24 most wanted men in the UK.

They are wanted for an array of alleged crimes, ranging from violent attacks and murder to drug supply and fraud, reports The Manchester Evening News.

The NCA said: “We pursue criminals and bring them to justice.

“By informing communities and supporting other agencies, we can help identify criminals and speed the law enforcement process”.

The NCA warns that members of the public must not approach anyone featured on this list. In an emergency, call 999.

Alex Male

Alex Male is alleged to be a regional distributor of drugs across the south west of England.

He is wanted on suspicion of buying and selling drugs and managing other distributors operating under his instruction using the EncroChat network.

The NCA has accused Male of conspiracy to supply cocaine and ketamine, money laundering, and conspiracy to acquire a firearm.

He in understood to be between 25 and 30-years old and around six foot tall.

Male has distinctive tattoos including a skull on his Adam’s apple, a full sleeve on his left arm, the word “love” on his left hand and three stars tattooed on his left wrist.

He also has a full tribal sleeve tattoo on his right arm going onto his chest with an angel on his back and “live” tattooed on his right hand.

Jack Mayle

Mayle is wanted after being accused of the supply of MDMA, methylphenidate (a pharmaceutical drug) and diazepam.

According to the NCA, he fled after being charged.

He allegedly ran a drug line in south London and Surrey called the Flavour Quest, working with a dark web drug dealer buying and selling drugs including LSD and pharmaceutical medications.

Mayle, from Croydon, is said to be aged 30 or 31, 5ft 11ins, white and of a muscular build.

Police believe he may have tried to alter his appearance.

He has a diamond tattoo under his left eye, and a tattoo on the outside of his left forearm that reads “Croydon”.

Tattoos on his left hand include “money never sleeps”, “12-20” and a small heart.

His right hand has an eye design tattoo with hands around it and the word “littles”.

On both hands, he has tattoos on his fingers reading “trap star”.

His neck is tattooed with warriors and religious figures on horses. He has a full back tattoo.

The NCA said he is known to carry weapons. He is said to be a regular gym goer and a vegan.

Dugic, originally from Serbia, is suspected of being involved in a plot to import 255 kilos of cocaine.

The conspiracy involved a small UK vessel meeting a commercial container ship in the English Channel from which the drugs were transferred.

Although Dugic was not on board either vessel, he is alleged to have played a major part in organising the importation.

A number of other individuals were convicted in June 2011.

Ozgur Demir

Demir, a Turkish national, is wanted in connection with conspiracy to supply 17.83 kg of diamorphine.

Three others have already been convicted in connection with this offence.

Naveed is accused of being involved in a drugs gang which brought 46 kilos of cocaine into Wales worth up to £7,885,680.

The NCA claim he had a “leading role” in the gang using the EncroChat network.

Naveed is described as being aged 29 or 30, 6ft 2ins, and of muscular build. He has a surgical scar along his left wrist.

Derek McGraw Ferguson

The NCA say Ferguson is sought in connection with the murder of Thomas Cameron on June 28, 2007, at the Auchinairn Tavern, Bishopbriggs near Glasgow.

He was born in Glasgow in 1964, and is described as having green or blue eyes, and short balding brown or grey hair.

Ersin Mustafa

Mustafa is suspected to have been involved in insider dealing with seven other individuals while working a the London branch of investment bank JP Morgan Cazenove, the NCA say.

He is alleged to have obtained information about future acquisitions and mergers, which were provided to others who then traded using this information.

The group were said to have made approximately £2.5 million in criminal profits over a two year period.

Mustafa was arrested in July 2008 and then released on bail.

It is believed he fled the UK around December 2009.

John James Jones

Jones and another individual are accused of stabbing two people “numerous times” and leaving them seriously hurt.

He is thought to have left the UK in the immediate aftermath in April 2018.

The NCA said their enquiries revealed he stayed at a hotel in Madrid the night after the stabbings but left “rapidly” the next morning.

He is said to be aged 31 or 32, 6ft and of stocky build.

Calvin Parris

Parris, who has gold upper teeth, is wanted for conspiracy to supply class A drugs.

Parris is alleged to be a customer of Asim Naveed’s gang, buying cocaine from them and selling it on within Cardiff.

Parris is alleged to have used an EncroChat phone to arrange deals with the organised crime gang, including a deal to buy buying seven kilos of cocaine for £89,000.

He is said to be aged 31 or 32, 5ft 11in, of medium build.

Shazad Ghafoor

Ghafoor is wanted after skipping bail. He allegedly took a courtesy car from a dealership in Manchester in August 2013 using a driving license in another person’s name.

Police spotted the car and the pursuit ended in the Halifax area when he allegedly crashed. His wife and two children, who were also in the car, suffered minor injuries.

Cash of up to £100,000 was allegedly recovered and there were traces of heroin, cocaine and cannabis on the notes.

Ghafoor was charged with fraud, possession of criminal property, dangerous driving and disqualified driving.

He was also charged with possession of cannabis with intent to supply after a vehicle was searched in Withington in November 2013 and cannabis worth £245,000 was found.

In May 2014, Ghafoor pleaded guilty to dangerous driving. He was due to appear at court in February 2015 in relation to the other charges, but failed to answer his bail and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Allan Foster

Foster is alleged to have murdered David “Noddy” Rice at the Marsden Bay Car Park, South Shields on 24th May 2006.

Foster, who has links to the Canary Islands and Majorca and is known to use the alias Shaun Michael Wilkinson, is also wanted for two offences of conspiring to supply controlled drugs and also for the theft of a diamond ring.

Christakis Philippou

Philippou is alleged to have been involved in a holiday scam which defrauded about 20,000 people.

Between 2004 and 2006 he and others were are suspected of acquiring or setting up new travel agencies offering cut price holidays, with prices so low that legitimate companies could not compete with them.

The travel agencies then closed and left customers without a holiday.

Philippou is also known to use the alias Christakis Chrysostomou.

Kevin Thomas Parle

Parle is wanted in connection with the murders in Liverpool of 16-year-old Liam Kelly in 2004 and Lucy Hargreaves in 2005.

Parle, also known as “Hemp”, is said to be stocky, with short cropped ginger hair.

Mehmet was sentenced in his absence to eight years in prison for his role in a conspiracy to cheat the public revenue by operating a Missing Trader Intra-community (MTIC) fraud.

The NCA said the fraud caused a loss to the UK of £25 million.

Mehmet appeared in court in June 2007 but failed to attend his trial, and was convicted in his absence then sentenced.

Callum Michael Allan

Allan is wanted on suspicion of drugs, driving and assault offences.

In June 2019 police raided a house in the North East suspected to be used for drugs deals.

Allan, who his alleged to have had 113g of heroin, is accused of having fled and then assaulted two officers who restrained him.

He was charged and appeared at court in April 2020 and was given unconditional bail, but failed to return.

Allan, aged 23 or 24, is said to be 182cm with fine hair, blue eyes, slim build and a Tyneside accent.

He is wanted on suspicion of possession with intent to supply heroin and cocaine, possession of cannabis, assaulting an emergency worker, affray and dangerous driving.

Fatah Benlaredj

Benlaredj, also known by the nickname Samir, is wanted for the rape of a seven-year-old girl.

Costas Sampson

Sampson was convicted of raping a girl he met in a London nightclub.

He and a friend offered to take her home after she became unwell when she’d accepted a drink from a stranger.

Sampson, a Cypriot national also known to use the alias Kostas, told one of the girl’s friends that he was a medical expert.

He later raped the girl at her flat while she was incapacitated.

He was convicted in August 2012 of rape and other offences including stealing her mobile phone and her flatmate’s laptop and games console.

Shanan is accused of being involved in importing heroin into the UK.

Police and HMRC seized a “huge quantity” of drugs in 2007 which had been concealed in packaging surrounding air conditioning units.

Born in India, Sahnan has brown eyes and wears an overt hearing aid in his right ear which sits over the ear.

Salih is accused of being involved drug dealing, after police seized cocaine.

The NCA said Salih allegedly visited Lincolnshire to deliver the drugs which were later seized.

He was arrested and had was allegedly in possession of £20,000. Salih, a Cypriot national who has a scar on his right eye, was released on bail to appear at a police station later in the year but failed to attend.

Roberts, from Liverpool, is wanted after a man suffered “life-changing” injuries in an attack.

Roberts is wanted for grievous bodily harm and attempted robbery.

The victim was attacked by two men on his driveway who tried to steal his £60,000 Richard Mille watch, in September 2016.

He refused to handover the watch and was seriously injured, suffering puncture wounds, a collapsed lung and many lacerations.

The victim heard one of the attackers say he’d cut himself in the attack, and Roberts’s blood was later identified at the scene.

Roberts, said to be 28 or 29, is described as being 6ft 1in, of medium build, and has a scar on his right leg and may have a scar on his arm sustained during the attempted robbery.

John Barton

Barton was sentenced to 20 years in jail in his absence after being convicted of conspiring to import a “commercial” amount of heroin into the UK between 1999 and 2000.

He is believed to have links to Fuengirola in Spain.

Rezgar Zengana

Zengana posed as a taxi driver and went on to rape a 25-year-old woman in Glasgow in 2006.

The Iraqi national was convicted of rape but has not been sentenced.

The NCA say Kelly is “extremely violent” and “poses a high risk to both police and members of the public”.

He is wanted by Police Scotland on recall to prison to serve his remaining prison sentence.

After receiving sentences in excess of 16 years, Kelly was released in September 2013.

The crimes he was sentenced for included assault to severe injury and danger of life, robbery, assault to severe injury and permanent disfigurement, breach of the peace and having a sharply pointed implement in prison.

In one of the most serious assaults Kelly stabbed and paralysed his victim using a machete.

He is described as 180cm, with heavy build, blue/grey eyes, short brown hair, a Scottish accent, and he occasionally has a beard.

He has scars to the left and right side of the face, on his arms and his right hand.

Aydeniz, a Cypriot national, is wanted in connection with conspiracy to supply 17.83 kg of heroin.

Three others have already been convicted in connection with this offence.

He is also wanted for conspiracy to commit theft and transferring criminal property.

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