Pup taken to vet to be put to sleep by family as he was ‘unwanted’

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An “unwanted” Yorkshire Terrier has made headlines after he was left with a vet to be put to sleep because he was no longer wanted by his family. Now, Theo has been rescued and is to be offered for adoption.

The Yorkie called Theo is four years old and currently living in foster care after his lucky save.

The team at Friends of Rescue, are assessing his personality and needs to be able to match him with a forever loving home, Belfast Live reports.

His foster mum told the charity: “This poor little guy was left in a vets to be euthanised due to being unwanted. He is a busy little man but if he gets two good walks and playtime, he can settle for periods, he’s also very good at night time.

“Theo loves his walks, he will go round the park twice no bother. He is happy meeting other dogs and is very sociable but can if he feels uneasy about strangers, he has a tendency to bark.

“He interacts with everyone but is becoming attached to me. He finds it extremely hard to settle when I leave in the morning. He wouldn’t be able to sleep in a room on his own at night, or be left alone in the house. He sleeps on the bed beside me which I think he finds a comfort.

“Theo loves to play, his Kong is his favourite but balls are great too. He is almost house-trained and we have a little work to do on that. He can be mouthy when he’s playing but it’s all good-natured.

“He is just a lovely wee man, good-natured and fun, and he needs someone active who can give him lots of time. He could live with another dog or dogs but they would need to be as active as him or he will torture the life out of them trying to get a rise.”

A spokesperson for the charity said: “Since being with us in foster care let’s just say he is buck daft and there isn’t a cuddly toy safe around him. He is just doing the very best and we are so delighted that he’s made it out of that vets alive to get a chance with a family who will adore him.

“Theo medically has now been signed off, he was neutered and his trachea X rayed as he was showing signs of a candidate for trachea issues but at the moment all is well and no treatment is necessary but he will need monitored throughout his life as it is very common in the Yorkie breed.

If you would like to donate to the charity’s ongoing medical costs to help animals like Theo you can contact Vets4Pets Crescent Link in person or via phone on 0287131442, click their PayPal link: or check out their donation page on the charity’s merchandise shop:

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