Putin's top defence official dies after 160ft balcony fall in mystery death

Another top Putin ally has been found dead after mysteriously falling 160ft from a building.

Marina Yankina was discovered by a passer-by at the entrance to the tower in St Petersburg.

While some of her belongings were found in the 16-storey building, it is believed she did not live there and it was her husband’s apartment.

The 58-year-old was a key figure in boosting funding efforts for Putin’s war in Ukraine.

Although her death is a suspected suicide, this is often stated by Russian authorities before investigations are carried out.

Media outlet Mash reports Yankina called her ex-husband and told him she intended to take her life.

The outlet stated: ‘A few minutes after the call, she was found dead.

‘The motives continue to be clarified – according to the latest data, the woman had health problems.

‘Her career had developed rapidly. In five years, a woman rose from an ordinary employee to the head of the entire department.’

Meanwhile, Russia suffered one of its heaviest military losses so far after Ukraine ‘killed, wounded and imprisoned some 5,000 soldiers’.

The number of those ‘taken out’ includes members of the elite 155th naval infantry, which stormed the Donetsk region in late January.

Ukrainian soldiers also allegedly killed the brigade’s command staff and destroyed 130 pieces of equipment, including 36 tanks.

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