QT audience member slams football supporters for ‘endorsing’ World Cup

England players train with migrant workers ahead of Qatar World Cup

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England and Wales will kick off their FIFA World Cup campaigns in Qatar on Monday. Both Home Nations will face each other on November 29 in what could be a key Group B fixture.

Despite increased excitement on both sides of the River Severn, two BBC Question Time audience members voiced concern about the tournament being held in Qatar.

Doha has faced protests over poor conditions for stadium workers and its stance on LGBTQ+ rights.

An audience member said: “We are hearing a lot of people saying, ‘You know I feel very bad about, it’s really awful but I’m going to watch it’.

“But we are just ignoring it by doing that. I don’t think you can have both of those options.

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“I think if you are endorsing the World Cup, if you’re watching it, you’re allowing these companies and all of these businesses to make money off it and profiting in the way they do … you can’t just ignore it.

“You have to accept that you have a choice to make here – It’s either you watch it and you support it or you don’t support it and you don’t watch it – it’s as simple as that.”

Another audience member, who revealed he will be watching the World Cup, added: “It will probably be with a slight bitter taste in my mouth but I have to say that it does feel like a complete PR own goal for Qatar, FIFA and for the celebrities who are endorsing it.

“I can’t help but feel that the likes of Robbie Williams and David Beckham, the vast amounts of money they’re taking on behalf of this must have a bad taste in their mouth too.”

The Qataris and Infantino claimed that three workers died during World Cup 2022 preparations.

However, the exact number is unknown and Qatar faced questions about the actual figure.

According to the Guardian, Human Rights Watch said: “Qatari authorities have failed to investigate the causes of deaths of thousands of migrant workers, many of which are attributed to ‘natural causes’.”

England’s superstars met and played with some of the migrant workers yesterday.

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Spurs striker and Three Lions captain Harry Kane joined his teammates and the workers at their training base in Al Wakra.

An FA spokesperson said: “We said in September we wanted to invite some migrant workers into camp to meet the players and thank them for their role in helping deliver the tournament. We are looking forward to meeting them.”

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