Queen abdication: Mary Berry blasted after urging Queen to step down ‘No spring chicken’

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English chef Mary Berry has herself been dubbed the Queen of Cakes and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. Her comments come after the Queen has suffered health issues during the last few weeks, seeing the 95-year-old monarch spend a night in a London hospital. Her Majesty has cancelled engagements for the next two weeks, as she is under doctor’s orders to rest. 

Royal expert Neil Sean spoke about the comments on his YouTube channel. 

Mr Sean said: “The person that we’re bringing our attention to today is none other than TV cook Dame Mary Berry.

“Dame Mary Berry is well into her eighties herself, so it seems a bit odd that she would want to attack – and I use that term in the loosest way – Her Majesty the Queen.

“That’s how it looks or appears to be.”

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“Apparently, Mary was absolutely thrilled to become a Dame, who wouldn’t be?

“Her award was bestowed on her by HRH Prince Charles, not the Queen herself.”

He added: “According to a very good source, Dame Mary said it’s about time Her Majesty passed over and let the younger ones take over.

“Can you imagine if you were the Queen right now, sat in Windsor, reading headlines like that thinking, gosh, why would you want to say that?”

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“As I say, Dame Mary Berry is no spring chicken herself.”

“She went on to say that it’s about time the Queen should retire, move on and let it be a natural progression, well, I’m sure in certain jobs some people think that,” he added.

“If she had done any due diligence, she would know, as Her Majesty famously said, that she was in this job for her lifetime, whoever short or long that may be.”


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Dame Mary Berry was honoured for her services to culinary arts and received her Damehood from The Prince of Wales in a ceremony at Windsor Castle.

The comments were reportedly made after the award ceremony when she was asked about being disappointed Prince Charles had been leading the awards instead of the Queen.

She allegedly said: “No, I don’t think she should do anymore. Let one of the young ones do it.”

A photo of her smiling while holding her award was shared on the official Royal Family Instagram account. 

When asked about her plans to celebrate her damehood, she replied: “We’re going home for a sandwich and the children are coming tonight.”

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