Queen allowed Meghan,Kate, Harry and William to ‘bend the rules’ to ensure monarchy future

Kate Middleton: Monarchy ‘realise the power of Kate’ says pundit

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Royal expert Joe Little spoke to expert Molly Mulshine while on the US weekly royal show to discuss the future of the monarchy. Mr Little insisted the Queen understood the need for the monarchy to adapt to the times. He said the Queen, in turn, allowed Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate to bend the rules of tradition.

He added, all four royals proved to be very popular and the Queen remains dedicated to sticking to tradition when necessary but also allowing things to be different as well.

Ms Mulshine said: “You alluded to the fact that Prince William and Kate lived together before marriage which was revolutionary at the time.

“Are there any other times that Katherine has tried to bend the rules like the way Meghan did?

Mr Little replied: “Having said that, William’s uncle Edward also lived with his now-wife for quite some time.

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“As children of the Queen that in itself was quite something in the 1990s.

“In terms of bending the rules, that is one way of looking at it.

“The modern Royal Family has to evolve and has to keep changing to be relevant in the 21st century.”

Mr Little went on to emphasise how the Queen is well aware of the need for the monarchy to evolve.”

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“So that means the rules change and the goalposts move slightly so that they make sense and mean something in the modern age.

“The Queen is very much a mover and a shaker, she adheres to tradition but she understands that things can’t be kept exactly as they were.

“So then things move on and can be done in a different or less formal way and that is why the modern royals, William, Kate, Meghan and Harry have proved to be so successful.”

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As Meghan and Harry chose to step down as senior royals, both Prince William and Kate are expected to fulfil a larger role in the monarchy going forward.

While Prince Charles is set to become King when the Queen dies, many still expect Prince William to become King at some point in the near future due to his father’s age. 

One of the big changes expected from Prince Charles when he becomes King is the slimming down of the monarchy. 

While the Prince of Wales has hinted at this, it is unclear exactly what he would change to accomplish this. 

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