Queen branded ‘mean B****’ by US TV host who insists Archie ‘would be bullied’ for title

Queen slammed by Wendy Williams for title offer to Archie

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Queen Elizabeth has been described as a “mean b****” during a bizarre US television rant by chat show host Wendy Williams. The TV personality slammed Her Majesty over the decision to suggest the title Earl of Dumbarton for baby Archie Harrison. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have rejected the Scottish honour for their son, reportedly on the grounds that the name contained the word ‘dumb.’ 

Ms Williams told the show: “I love that Meghan and Harry insisted that he would not be called the Duke of….”

“The Duke of ‘Dumberton’ they wanted to call him, ‘Dumbarton,” explained a co-presenter who mispronounced the Scottish title Dumbarton.

“Look Harry and Meghan rejected the name Earl of ‘Dumberton’ for Archie and I suspect you know because the Queen is a mean b**** behind the scenes…they were like what title can we give this black boy…’ Dumberton’,” continued Ms Williams.

“But Meghan and Harry didn’t want him to be bullied in school, you know he would be.”

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The host added: “Because no matter what kind of fancy school you go to, nothing is higher than being a royal.

“Dummy, dum dum, dum, dumber and dumbest.”

“The nicknames right themselves,” added her co-host.

Last month the Duke and Duchess were mocked for rejecting the title by GB News’ Andrew Neil.

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The former BBC presenter  lambasted the decision during his nightly “Woke Watch” segment and labeled the centuries-old heraldic title as something “straight out of the Game of Thrones.”

He went on to suggest an alternative title for Archie which might better please Harry and Meghan. 

Mr Neil told GB News: “Harry and Meghan have rejected the name Earl of Dumbarton for their two-year-old son which seems strange since Dumbarton is a fine town on the northern bank of the River Clyde just down from Glasgow.

“Dominated by an igneous rock on which sits a castle which was an important fortress for centuries, it could be straight out of the Game of Thrones. It was from there that the ancient kings of Strathclyde ruled and it has been a title of the Scottish nobility since 1675.”


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“But the Sussexes said no thanks because the first four letters spell dumb.

“Which is used to mean stupid more often in American than it is in the UK.

“A strange decision never the less.

“I guess it also rules out Earl of Dumfries.”

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