Queen Camilla snubbed as she tried to help Meghan Markle settle in

Meghan Markle 'snubbed' Camilla according to royal biography

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Camilla, the Queen Consort offered herself up as a guide to both Kate, the Princess of Wales and Meghan Markle when they first married into the institution. The Queen’s biographer, Angela Levin, suggested however the Duchess of Sussex “wasn’t interested” in getting tips on how to embrace her new role from her stepmother-in-law. Speaking to Palace Confidential, she said: “She tried very hard with Meghan, to please her.

“She’d done this with Catherine because she had had such a terrible time when she joined the Royal Family.

“She tried to tell them where the holes could be, that protocols sound ridiculous but they need to follow them.

“And to give them an understanding of a very different life. Catherine was very grateful, and I’m told Meghan wasn’t interested, really.”

In her book Camilla, From Outcast to Queen Consort, Ms Levin suggested the Duchess of Sussex appeared bored and disinterested in her offer for help.

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The author said Camilla had felt her experience with winning over the public put her in a good position to advise Meghan Markle about the demands of her new royal job.

Ms Levin wrote: “Camilla felt the experience she had from coping with public abuse, press insults and frostiness from the Royal family put her in a good place to help Meghan adjust to the restrictions of royal life and was equally keen to help Meghan find her feet.”

She noted the Queen had previously offered her support to the Princess of Wales before her marriage to Prince William in 2011.

Camilla hosted a lunch with Kate, her sister Pippa, and her daughter Laura in London, during which the now-Duchess of Cambridge and Cornwall was touched by the “exception warmth” of her stepmother-in-law.

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Ms Levin claimed the Princess of Wales later repaid the Queen for her kind gesture by helping out bridge the divide with Prince William.

She added: “Prince William was very wary of Camilla.

“He adored his mother and didn’t want someone stepping in her shoes.

“I think he was helped there a lot by his wife, Catherine, because she comes from a very stable family and a very loving family. If there was any arguments, they worked hard to get over it.”

And in recent years, the Queen Consort and the Princess of Wales joined forces with the Princess Royal and Sophie, the Countess of Wessex to support the late Queen following the death of Prince Philip in 2021.

In her book, Ms Levin noted: “Soon after Prince Philip passed away, what once seemed impossible became a reality.

“Camilla was chosen as one of the four women who would try to help the newly widowed Queen feel less alone.

“They were called by some as the ‘gang of four’ or the ‘significant four’.

“Her Majesty is well known for being stoic but the sad, empty look in her eyes was unforgettable, and it was no surprise that she accepted the suggestion of a visiting rota to help her raise her spirits.”

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