Queen Consort Camilla ‘had no expectations of being loved’ by public

David Mellor looks ahead to the reign of King Charles III

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Mr Mellor discussed how Queen Consort Camilla had “no expectation of being loved” by the British public after the turbulent image she had in the aftermath of the Prince and Princess of Wales’ separation. Mr Mellor also discussed meeting the Queen Consort on various occasions with Stephen Dixon, discussing her “very kind” nature. The Queen Consort will now play the role of supporting her husband King Charles III, who succeeded his mother Elizabeth II after her death on Thursday.

Mr Mellor told GB News: “Because I’ve always had a soft corner for her and she’s always been on occasions that we meet, very kind and she’s cultured as he is.

“And she loves music and all the rest of it, but you know because she’s a very decent person and she had no expectations of being loved.

“And there was no sense of flouncing around like a Hollywood actress, we’re not going to mention any names, of course, she has won the affection of British people, well done her” 

Mr Dixon added: “I have to say, I’ve only met her once, a couple of years ago I have to say at a diabetes event and I found her remarkable.

“She actually took the time to stop and have a conversation with me and I found her very well informed… But very humble really”

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Mr Mellor said: “Yes I mean she knows of my involvement in the world of music, I remember one time at the Albert Hall, she just wandered over during the interval and we had a full 15 minutes chatting.

“She’s very relaxed, very informal and I think this is going to be the making or the breaking of her because it was either going to be a totally destructive experience or it was going to be a new dimension.

“And I think it’s not any good for her, the way that she is received, as a kind and decent woman but also I think he has needed a lot of picking up and polishing.

“Ray knows so much more about it than I do, one has the impression that it has been good for him too, to have a stable influence by his side.”

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Queen Consort Camilla has been said to of grown close to the Queen by many royal reporters.

King Charles III and the Queen Consort Camilla travelled down to Balmoral yesterday to be with the Queen in her final hours, along with other members of the Royal Family.

The new King is expected to address the British public at some point today.

And a period of mourning has begun across the UK, as people look back fondly on the Queen and pay their tributes to her decades of service.

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Earlier this year the Queen issued Camilla with the title Queen Consort.

The Queen said: “I would like to express my thanks to you all for your support. I remain eternally grateful for and humbled by, the loyalty and affection that you continue to give me.

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