Queen dealing with Prince Philip’s death with ‘fortitude and stoicism’, says royal expert

Queen smiles as man waves and says 'it's coming home'

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In recent weeks, royal fans have been delighted to see the Queen beaming brightly despite having to deal with both the passing of her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, and the fallout from Prince Harry. Stepping out of Windsor Castle last weekend, the Queen was seen grinning while watching her granddaughter, Lady Louise Windsor, in the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

Dr Arthur Cassidy, a psychologist and royal commentator, explained how the monarch’s key personality traits have helped her deal with Philip’s passing.

He told “Over the years, our Queen has had to deal with trauma and tragedy year after year and her immense fortitude and stoicism has been a key characteristic and personality trait she displays perpetually in times of crisis.

“Privately, she is grieving and this can take well into five years, but her strong support system with Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Sophie, and Edward has enabled her to cope with the various public appearances she is now having to fulfil.”

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, has been especially hailed as a support for the Queen following the death of Prince Philip, reportedly calling “at least once a day”, according to Duncan Larcombe.

In addition, Her Majesty has firmly pressed on with her Royal engagements, having recently hosted German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Royal fans were pleased to see the Queen attend the Royal Windsor Horse show for four consecutive days.

Her Majesty and Prince Philip were keen equestrians, a trait which seems to have been passed down to certain members in the Royal Family.

Dr Cassidy believes watching the show may have helped the Queen to grieve for her late husband.

He said: “The Queen’s love of horses, dogs and the countryside is a key factor in her current mourning of the late husband Prince Philip.”

Dr Cassidy continued to explain how the Queen drew inspiration from her grandmother, Queen Mary of Teck.

He said: “Her current demeanour, grace and positivity has been as a result of the profound influence of Queen Mary of Teck who instilled in our Queen the personality traits of courage, discipline and remaining calm and controlled in times of grief and crises.

“‘Never outwardly display your emotions in the public you serve’ … would have been the words and a reflection of the historic attitudes of Mary of Teck.”

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Dr Cassidy also remarked on the Queen’s ability “to separate public duty from private grief.”

He added: “The Queen’s specific personality traits of stoicism, self discipline, and service to her people is embodied in her ability to remain calm in a crisis such as the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh.”

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