Queen Elizabeth II ignores red traffic lights because of ‘sitting target’ security fears

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The Queen, 94, who enjoys getting behind the wheel of a car, is the only person in the country who does not need a DVLA licence to drive. As part of the “royal prerogative”, the Queen also does not have to follow the rules of the road. Royal expert Emily Andrews explained that the monarch can run red lights to stop her from becoming a “sitting target”.

Speaking on the Channel 5 documentary Secrets of Royal Palace, Ms Andrews said: “When the Queen is in a motorcade, you had to keep moving.

“You never, ever want to stop that’s why they sail through red lights and have police because the moment the car stops, they’re a sitting target.

“The protocol is always to keep moving.”

However, the Queen’s favourite mode of transport is by the Royal Train.

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It is claimed the insists on knowing the departure time of the train in order to avoid fines.

ITV Royal Rota’s Chris Ship and Lizzie Robinson discussed how the monarch can be “fined heavily” by Network Rail for delaying trains on the network.

Ms Robinson said: “It’s secure, efficient and effective at getting them from A to B.

“The Queen loves it, it’s her favourite mode of transport so it stays.”

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Mr Ship added: “I was told some interesting things this week about how punctual the Queen wants the train to be.

“When she travels on it, she makes sure she knows exactly when it should be leaving and she’s there going ‘come on, come on, we should be going by now’.

“If the train’s late and delays trains on the rest of the network the royal train gets fined quite heavily by Network Rail.

“She neither wants to be late or end up with a huge fine.”


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Ms Robinson said: “The good thing with the royals is they are never late for anything.”

The royal train underwent renovations in 1977.

Royal biographer Omid Scobie revealed Her Majesty and Prince Philip, 99, have separate bathrooms and sleeping quarters on the train.

He also detailed how the Queen has the train slowed for her bathtime so the water does not splash.

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