Queen gave Prince Andrew permission to use HRH titles, claims insider

Prince Harry ‘takes the heat off’ Prince Andrew says Lorraine

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The late Queen Elizabeth II gave disgraced Prince Andrew her blessing to use his HRH title, a report has found. The Duke of York, who officially had his military titles and patronages given back to the monarch after the Epstein scandal, was said to be permitted to use the title “privately”. He reportedly is still determined to get his titles back after the King said he could pursue various business interests.

The Prince is said to have longed for his titles for months, having asked the late Queen to reinstate him as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards last year.

According to an unnamed source, Andrew successfully managed to convince her to allow use of the title discreetly after many private conversations with the Queen at Windsor Castle.

The source told the Telegraph: “She was always in his corner and he had her ear, of that there was never any doubt.

“He was not stripped of the title and was still able to use it privately. He talked her around and she agreed.”

Andrew is said to be remorseful about his perceived misdemeanours but has thought of himself as hard done by for being sacked as a working royal although he was never found guilty of a crime.

The Duke of York paid Virginia Giuffre more than £10million to settle a civil case but his lawyers made clear the outcome was not an admission of guilt.

During the Epstein case, the late Queen was reportedly one of Andrew’s biggest supporters.

He was widely known as the “favourite son” and has shown very public displays of affection to him, such as walking into Westminster Abbey for Prince Philip’s memorial service last year.

Despite the Queen’s support for Andrew, palace aides were reportedly unwelcome to the idea of Andrew resurrecting his titles because they knew the public would likely surprise or shock the public – especially after the settlement.

A plan to test support for Andrew was stopped and any prospect of another plan was nullified by the Queen’s death, according to the Telegraph.

King Charles is also said to be unlikely to support the revival of his titles because it could suggest Andrew is back in the royal fold and as a result threaten the Royal Family’s reputation.

However, he is thought to be supportive of the Duke of York – who he knows is ostracised and lacking purpose – and has held talks in recent weeks.

He has reportedly agreed to let Andrew pursue some business interests to keep him occupied and allow him to make some money.

The Duke has welcomed Charles’ concessions but argues he should still be allowed to have his HRH titles.

But members of the public have remained frustrated Andrew has even been allowed to attend public events at all – let alone get his titles back.

The disgraced Prince made a surprise attendance on the Royal Family’s Christmas walk to church in Sandringham, despite reportedly being “kicked out” of the family days before by The King.

At the time the Duke was told he could no longer use Buckingham Palace as office space – which effectively severed his ties as a working royal.

One source told the Sun: “Any presence at the Palace is officially over…The King has made it clear. He isn’t a working royal. He’s on his own.”

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