Queen health: Palace under question after COP26 withdrawal ‘What are they not telling us?’

Queen: Experts question what isn't being said about health

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The Palace released minimal details about the Queen’s health, and reiterated a palace cliché in both statements published that week that the Queen was in “good spirits.” Lack of clarity surrounding the Queen’s condition has lead to royal watchers asking what they could be hiding. The 95-year-old monarch stayed in a London hospital overnight last Wednesday. 

She returned to Windsor Castle the following day, and is now under doctor’s orders to rest. 

The Palace have since announced that the Queen will make a virtual speech at the COP26 summit next week instead of travelling to Glasgow. 

Other royals attending are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Charles and Camilla. 

Royal experts Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie discussed the Queen’s health on the latest Royally Obsessed podcast. 

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Ms Bowie claimed: “My problem is that they aren’t being forthcoming with the truth about this.”

“There was no real lie being told, but it’s like, what else are we not being told?”

“It makes me question everything, is she back in the hospital now?”

“I think what also has me worried alongside the palace and what they’ll confirm is that every report coming out from the UK media said that this cancellation—she never takes sick days she’s so dutiful and a steadfast presence—was for her to rest for this climate conference.”

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“When the news broke, I think that was gut wrenching. It really opened my eyes to the fact that this is probably more severe than we’re being told.”

“And that we need to kind of mentally prepare.”

Ms Fiorito added: “And then you read both sides of the argument, where sometimes they keep some of the health details more private because they don’t want to start panic.”

The Queen famouslyhas a stoic and “no fuss” approach to illness. 

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The last time she is thought to have spent a night in hospital was in 2013 when she was suffering from symptoms of gastroenteritis.

She had a successful surgery to treat an eye cataract in 2018 and a knee operation in 2003.

The Queen is now back at Windsor Castle resting and undertaking light official duties.

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