Queen heartbreak: Why Royal Family faced ‘re-examination of its functions’ exposed

Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ relationship was continually plagued by allegations of infidelity on both sides, something which became a mainstay of their marriage. Publicly, the world adored Diana and her sensitive side, but within the Royal Family rumours of scandal followed her throughout her time married to Charles. And as a result of the “appalling treatment” Diana received, author Andrew Morton claimed the Royal Family needed to adjust itself to the “change of perception” from the Commonwealth’s subjects.

In his 1992 book ‘Diana: Her True Story’, Mr Morton wrote: “The monarchy, which has survived a thousand years precisely because of its adaptability – after all Henry VIII was hardly an advertisement for happy family life – now faces a re-examination of its basic functions.

“Its core role is to represent the nation, not family life, and it is to that primary task that those who hold the torch of monarchy must address themselves.

“As commentary in the Mail On Sunday observed: ‘Evidence suggests that the sheer Victorian nature of the way the Royal Family perceives and manages itself is at the root of the problem. The public sees Princess Diana in a different light, certainly, but does not love her less.

“The veils have been slightly lifted and some of the mystery removed.

“The Royal Family will need to get used to that change of perception, as will their subjects.'”

The Princess of Wales became one of the world’s most recognisable faces as a result of her 1981 wedding to Charles.

The Prince and Princess of Wales married in a traditional Church of England service at St Paul’s Cathedral.

Reports suggest the union was a “fairytale wedding” and reached a global audience of 750 million people.

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Across the Commonwealth events were held to coincide with the special day.

However, less than a decade later they separated.

The couple officially divorced in 1996, a year before Diana was tragically killed in a Paris car crash.

Ahead of her marriage to Charles, Mr Morton also claimed that Diana’s sisters Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Baroness Jane Fellowes reacted with “envy” and “concern”.

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He added: “Her sister Sarah, for so long the Spencer girl in the spotlight, now had to make way for Diana.

“While she was happy for her younger sister, she admitted to being rather envious of Diana’s new found fame.

“It took her some time to adjust to her new billing as sister to the future Princess of Wales.

“Jane took a more practical approach.

“While she shared in the bride-to-be’s euphoria, as the wife of the Queen’s assistant private secretary, she couldn’t help but be concerned about how Diana would cope with royal life.”

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