Queen left ‘immensely aggravated’ after health forces Remembrance Sunday service absence

Queen will be ‘immensely aggravated’ says royal commentator

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Royal commentator Alastair Bruce had told Sky News that Queen will be “immensely aggravated” about not being able to attend the Remembrance Sunday service. Her Majesty was expected at the ceremony at London’s Cenotaph only for the palace to announce that due to back sprain the Queen would not be attending in person. The service would have been the first public engagement Queen Elizabeth has attended in almost a month following doctors’ advice to rest.

Mr Bruce told Sky News: “I expect the Queen is immensely aggravated, she really feels that this is one of the principal roles that she performs.

“But if you look at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and anyone who joins us later on in our coverage will see this massive building was designed for Victorian foreign secretaries to walk around in splendour.

“It’s got very long corridors and if you have sprained your back, it would have been an extraordinarily long walk for the Queen to get from where she’ll be left by her car to the balcony and I know that she would have thought that through and wouldn’t want to put her body through anything unnecessarily.

“And up and down the country, there will be veterans today who’ve been looking forward to Remembrance Sunday, who because of the nature of their age, will be forced not to go and families will be dealing with this up and down the nation.

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“And this is partly because the Second World War generation are now much older, and they want to be at their various villages or times and the Queen herself wants to be with her nation and her commonwealth and to mark this moment when, you know, you reflect upon so much.

“The greatest of gifts that all these people throughout the Commonwealth and the United Kingdom have given their lives to give us the freedoms that we have, to let our democracy move forward.

Mr Phillips remarked: “You will understand this better than most Allister but it takes a great deal to knock this particular lady, Her Majesty off her stride.

“I think it would have been quite a hard decision. I imagine.”

Queen won’t attend Remembrance service due to ‘sprained back’

Mr Bruce said: “Trevor, I don’t know about you, but I find even with my own increasing years you get aggravated by what your body can no longer achieve.

“And I think for the Queen at 95, and let’s remember she is 95 who served in the auxiliary territorial service in the Second World War.

“You know, it is not surprising that there are aches and pains that come and travail any human being.

“But for the Queen, she will have probably fretted about this not least last night but certainly I expect this morning. 

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“And in making this decision she’s probably working with the advice of her doctors.

“But she will be with the events that take place at the Cenotaph, she will watch it she will play her parts and she will see her son the heir apparent lay her wreath on behalf of the nation.”

The palace had said the 95-year-old was determined to appear in person at the Cenotaph after missing recent public events such as Cop26 on the advice of doctors.

Other members of the royal family will join leading members of the government, military, and veterans for the service on Sunday to commemorate those who lost their lives in conflict.

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