Queen Margrethe II of Denmark’s abdication deemed ‘imminent’ after nod to heirs

Queen Margrethe praises the Queen's dedication in 2012

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Today Margrethe celebrates her Golden Jubilee, having held the position of Queen of Denmark since her father King Frederick IX’s death 50 years ago. The 81-year-old is the longest serving monarch in Danish history, and the first woman to hold the position of reigning queen. Her five decades on the throne have seen her modernise the monarchy and garner mass support for the Danish royal family.

To mark the jubilee, Margrethe will take part in a meeting in the Council of State and attend a reception at the Danish Parliament.

She will also lay a wreath at her parents’ grave in Roskilde.

However, the majority of the day’s planned arrangements had to be postponed until September due to a spike in coronavirus cases.

In recent years, commenters have speculated as to whether Margrethe will abdicate in favour of her son Frederik, who is first in line to the throne.

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After a speech to mark her 79th birthday, Margrethe threw her full support behind her son and daughter-in-law, which sparked commentators to speculate whether the monarch would step down.

Speaking on the ROYALS podcast in 2020, Ms Mollard  forecasted Margrethe’s “imminent” abdication after the birthday speech.

The expert said: “The Queen gave indication at her last birthday when she said to Frederik and Mary, ‘You are ready and you will be amazing at your job. I trust you and I feel secure handing over to such wonderful people’.

Ms Mollard also noted on the podcast that future consort, Mary, had taken on more responsibilities.

She said: “Mary is coming into her own. She could be in charge imminently. 

“The Danish Palace has announced that she will be taking on a lot of Queen Margrethe’s duties when she’s absent, so there had to be an official announcement that would happen, she couldn’t just do it.

“This is good practice, she has really earned her mother-in-law’s blessing.

“There is a lot of thought that Queen Margrethe will stand down in April when she turns 80.”

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Though she remained Queen after her 80th birthday, it is possible that the monarch may abdicate after another major milestone such as the Diamond Jubilee.

When Frederik does ascend to the throne however, he will have big shoes to fill.

When Margrethe, aged 31, ascended to the throne, a wave of republicanism had swept Denmark.

Journalist Gitte Redder told AFP: “When she became Queen, only 45 percent of Danes were in favour of the monarchy.

“They didn’t believe in a monarchy in a modern society.”

This has since drastically changed.

A 2018 Voxmeter poll found that over three quarters of Danes supported the monarchy, while only 14.6 percent favoured a republic.

Historian Lars Hovebakke Sorensen credited Margrethe’s popularity to her ability to remain independent from political matters and act as a source of stability during moments of upheaval.

Mr Sorensen said: “The basis of her popularity is that the Queen is absolutely non-political.

“She has managed to be a Queen who has united the Danish nation in a time of large changes: globalisation, the appearance of the multicultural state, economic crises in the 1970s, 1980s and again in 2008 to 2015, and the pandemic.”

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