Queen should behave as ‘monarch, not mother’ when it comes to Prince Andrew – POLL

Prince Andrew: Myers discusses attempts to return to public life

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In the wake of mixed opinions surrounding the Duke of York’s prominent role at the memorial for Prince Philip last week, asked its readers: “Should Prince Andrew be allowed to join Platinum Jubilee celebrations?”. The poll, which ran from 9am on Monday, April 4 to 3pm on Tuesday, April 5, gathered a total of 7,160 votes.

The majority – 82 percent – said “no”, Prince Andrew should not be involved in the celebrations marking 70 years of the Queen’s reign. 

A further 17 percent voted “yes”, he should be included, and one percent said they didn’t know either way.

In the debate below the poll, readers shared their thoughts on the matter, with most agreeing that Andrew should stay out of the public eye for the celebrations.

Username JanetWCQ1958 wrote: “[Andrew] cannot take on any public role as he is not a working member of the Royal Family now and it would be best to keep as low a profile as possible. 

“I expect he will attend the Platinum Jubilee service at St Paul’s but it would be best if Her Majesty were escorted by Charles rather than Andrew this time given the objections raised by him escorting her to Prince Philip’s memorial service.”

Username NoraK went further, saying: “If he cared enough about his mother and the effect his presence escorting her could hurt the Royal Family, he should have been the first to say, ‘No, I will quietly slip in’.”

Readers generally agree that Andrew should be allowed to join the events if he so wishes, but should do so from the wings, rather than in the public eye. 

Username Halpilk said: “He should obviously be included in any private family events. He should play no major role in any public events unless he is only there as a spectator.”

And username AdeleOverCensorship1 spelled it out: “No, nope, nada, nyet – hard pass. 

“Look at the optics from the memorial service. I get that he’s her son and he should have been there as it was for his father but for the Jubilee, he should be nowhere to be found…

“The only people on the balcony should be the working senior royals like Anne, Sophie, Edward and of course the Cambridges and their children. 

“Otherwise it will open up another can of worms for the image of the monarchy…Just keep the balcony simple and small.”

Others said that the Jubilee – which will see the whole nation celebrate with a four day weekend from June 2 to 5 – should reflect the interests of the taxpayer, not the Queen personally. 

Username dex13 wrote: “It’s not a case of what his mother wants. During the Platinum celebrations, she is the Queen of Britain and the Commonwealth. It’s [about] what the public wants.”

And username LetsJustSay wrote: “The memorial service for Prince Philip was essentially a family affair. 

“The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is very much a State celebration, paid for entirely by the taxpayer.”

Some, however, felt the Queen deserved to make the choice about who she surrounded herself with, and pointed out that Her Majesty has had a difficult time lately, with the death of her husband and the scandal surrounding her son. 

Username MisTiffy wrote: “The Queen is already dealing with so much stress and heartbreak. 

“I think that if The Queen chooses to have Andrew chaperone her, we should respect that and let her enjoy the time she has left on this earth with her beloved family. 

“Regardless of his actions, he is still her son and she doesn’t have to completely abandon him.”

Prince Andrew first retreated from public life after his car-crash interview with the BBC’s Emily Maitlis about his association with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

He was later stripped of many of his military titles and royal patronages after a US judge ruled that a civil sexual assault case against him should go to court.

Andrew has always denied the allegations levelled at him by Virginia Giuffre, who he eventually came to an out of court settlement with earlier this year.

Current expectations are that Andrew will be in attendance at the Jubilee service of thanksgiving will be held on June 3 at St Paul’s Cathedral, though whether he chaperones his mother remains to be seen. 

He is also reportedly planning to accompany the Queen to the Epsom Derby on June 4.

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