Queen to ditch royal tradition as monarch makes major shift after health concerns

BBC Breakfast: Queen to ditch royal tradition after health concerns

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Royal commentator Jenny Bond reflected on the Queen’s recommendation to take a rest. While speaking on the BBC, Ms Bond noted how strained the Queen has been with multiple engagements in person. She added that the head monarch may be set to reduce her in-person appearances in favour of online engagements.

Ms Bond said: “People say it is a cushy life, you just go around a room-shaking a few hands.

“But you know, being on your feet is fairly exhausting.

“Emotionally it takes its toll, you have got to be polite with complete strangers every day of your life, hundreds of people that you are never going to see again.

“For them, it is perhaps the most important day of their life.

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“It is a strain and I think that has led to a measure of fatigue.”

Ms Bond then made her prediction on how the Queen will continue to do engagements.

She said: “I do think the way ahead for the Queen is remote access.

“These virtual audiences, virtual meetings, she had one yesterday.

“We, the public are getting a lovely glimpse at a more informal Queen than one we normally see.

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“We are party to these little conversations, she presented the award yesterday and said sorry it had to be virtual.

“She said I don’t know what you are going to do with that award, put it in the cupboard or something.”

Other Royal commentators have highlighted the shift the Queen is likely to make for the benefits of her health. 

Royal commentator Rupert Bell argued the Queen is realising she must be more careful with how much work she does. 

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While speaking on TalkRadio, Mr Bell argued the Palace was clearly concerned about the overall well-being of the Queen. 

He added the head monarch is likely annoyed at the realisation she cannot do as much work as she used to due to her age.

This comes after news that the Queen would not be attending the COP26 event.

Mr Bell praised the Queen however and insisted she had a very strong sense of duty.

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