Queen unveils new Royal Family’s Platinum Jubilee strategy in latest outing

Royal Family set for more 'collaboration' says expert

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The Royal Family, whose members have been conducting royal duties remotely for most of the pandemic, is firmly back to work as its leading members took up a busy agenda since the end of the summer holidays. Since leaving Balmoral, and formally ending her annual Scottish break, the Queen has attended events in Windsor, Buckingham Palace, Edinburgh, and Wales. Other members of the family also seem to be pulling their weight, with Prince Charles, Camilla, and the Cambridges forming a new “Fab Four.”

Speaking on the Daily Mirror’s podcast, Pod Save the Queen, hosts Zoe Forsey and royal editor Russell Myers discussed the strategy.

Mr Myers said: “It should be a busy year next year, there’s Platinum Jubilee stuff, there’s definitely a lot to look forward to.

“As I’ve been saying for the last few months, I think there’s going to be an awful lot more collaboration between the royals.

“Last week, the week before, we had the Bond premiere, we had Charles and Camilla and the Cambridges.”

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He added: “You’ve got several other instances of Charles and the Queen, doing the planting for the Jubilee last week.

“You also had the Queen and Charles in Wales to open the Welsh Parliament, so lots of collaboration.

“Coming back to the Queen with her walking stick, which did prick a lot of people’s attention I suppose, when I saw the photos, she was being passed her stick by Princess Anne.

“It struck a chord, it’s unusual to see the Queen with a stick, the last time she was seen with one was 17 years ago.”

Prince Harry ‘will’ return to Royal Family says by Kent Gavin

The tactical move from the family follows reports that Charles is aiming for a “slimmed down” monarchy, ready for his succession to the throne. 

The Firm will become a team of 7 or 8, with the Cambridge’s reportedly becoming key figures alongside Charles and Camilla. 

The alleged reasons for the move include the controversy surrounding the family recently, and the departure of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 

The original line up for the new monarchy included the Sussexes and the Duke of York. 


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Another key couple in the family will likely be Sophie, Countess of Wessex, and her husband Prince Edward, as they seem to have been given more responsibility in recent months. 

Throughout the hospitalisation and death of Prince Philip, Sophie Wessex was the one to inform the press on how he was doing, and also gave us a heartfelt insight into the grieving family. 

Edward also accompanied the Queen at Buckingham Palace during the launch of the Queen’s baton relay marking the start of the Commonwealth games. 

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