Queen’s cracking humour exposes royal’s secret trait – ‘Still Lilibeth’

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The Queen, 94, is known for her great sense of humour as she often jokes about her position. Royal expert Wesley Kerr ITV’s Inside the Crown: Secrets of the Royals that the Monarch has to be the most important person in a room despite not having a sense of importance in herself. He went on to reveal her nickname, Lilibet and how she still acts like a princess.

Royal expert Wesley Kerr said: “She’s always got to be the most important person in a room but she doesn’t have a sense of importance.

“One of her jokes is if a phone goes off she says, ‘that must be something very important!’

“Although she has a great sense of herself and she is the Queen.

“But she’s still Lilibet.”

The Queen is called “Lilibet” by close family, a nickname she got because she couldn’t pronounce her own name.

Prince Philip is also said to call her “cabbage”.

The revelation comes as the Queen was left red-faced by President Ronald Reagan as he accidentally forgot to follow royal etiquette during a tour.

She had an embarrassing encounter with the 40th US President, Ronald Reagan, during his visit to Britain.

President Reagan stayed at Windsor Castle in 1982 with wife, Nancy Reagan.

The former film star rode horses in Windsor Greate Park with the Monarch.

But a royal expert sai that he accidentally dropped royal etiquette.


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Speaking to ITV, the narrator said: “For anyone meeting the Queen knowing the rules of royal etiquette is essential.

“Guests are, of course, impeccably briefed.

“Though there has been the odd embarrassing moment.”

Veteran royal photographer, Ken Lennox, said: “President Reagan put his hand on the Queen’s lower back to escort her to the ranch. I couldn’t believe it.”

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