Queen’s lady-in-waiting made prediction about Princess Diana

The Queen’s former lady-in-waiting made shocking prediction that Princess Diana “would be gone and forgotten”. Joining the Royal Family through marriage, Diana was officially a royal for 15 years, until her divorce from the now-King Charles III in 1996.

Speaking on behalf of Slingo, Diana’s former royal butler Paul Burrell said: “I remember the day I left the Queen, one of the Ladies in Waiting asked me to go for tea in her sitting room with her and she said to me ‘you know you’re backing the losing don’t you?’.

“I said ‘what do you mean?’.”

He added: “She said ‘Diana is such a silly girl, she’s going to be gone and forgotten in a few years time and no one will ever remember who she was.’.”

Mr Burrell, who worked for Diana for 10 years, said: “Didn’t she get it wrong.

“25 years later we’re still talking about her and Diana’s ghost is still haunting the House of Windsor.”

Princess Diana died on August 31, 1997, aged just 36.

The late royal died from injuries she sustained earlier that evening in a car crash in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris, France.

Her televised funeral, which took place six days after her death, was watched by billions worldwide after the tragedy sparked an outpour of grief.

Paul Burrell recently shared the sad news of his prostate cancer diagnosis.

Since his diagnosis, Diana’s former butler has said that he wants to open up to Prince William and Prince Harry about Diana’s secrets, and his private moments with her, “before it’s too late”.

In an exclusive interview with The Mirror, he claims that he fears he will run out of time to “tell them the truth”.

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He added: “I think they should know.

“I think Diana would say to me, ‘Paul, you must make this a priority. You must go and see my boys’.”

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