Queen’s ‘real resentment’ for First Lady Jackie Kennedy ahead of key presidential meeting

Queen to meet Joe Biden at Windsor Castle

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President Biden will soon be making his first official overseas trip since his inauguration earlier this year, as he will be visiting the UK for the G7 summit this week. The political summit of the seven largest so-called advanced economies in the world will gather in Cornwall, but once it concludes, he will be visiting Windsor Castle with the First Lady to meet the Queen. The two have already been in contact, as the sovereign extended her congratulations after Mr Biden was sworn into office while he reached out to her when Prince Philip sadly passed away in April.

Richard Fitzwilliams told that he expects the President to “relish” the “historic” meeting with the monarch, who has met 13 Presidents during her reign.

However, not every meeting with the US President has gone well for the Queen.

On one occasion, President John F Kennedy came over to the UK with his wife, First Lady Jackie Kennedy and was greeted with open arms by the British public.

It was 1961 at the time, and the Queen was struggling to maintain her levels of popularity — so when the First Lady had such a rapturous reception, she was reportedly very frustrated.

In her book, The Royals, author Kitty Kelley said: “The Queen’s resentment was real.”

Other accounts claim there were other sources of tension behind the scenes.

Mrs Kennedy wanted to invite her sister Princess Lee Radziwill and her brother-in-law, a twice-divorced Prince Stanislaw Radziwill, to dinner with the royals.

However, the Queen pushed back — divorces were still frowned upon at the time — only for Mrs Kennedy to escalate matters.

The Washington Post explained: “A tense negotiation among diplomats ended favourably for Jackie — until she saw the full guest list.

“Left off the Queen’s list was her own more fashionable and risque sister, Princess Margaret, and their aunt Princess Marina.

“The Queen knew the First Lady wanted to be photographed with them.”

The First Lady then spoke to her friend Gore Vidal, and reportedly said: “No Margaret, no Marina, no one except every Commonwealth minister of agriculture they could find.”

Mrs Kennedy reportedly also saw the seating arrangements as “a plot to do her down”, according to Mr Vidal.

Supposedly recounting the visit to her friend, she also claimed: “The Queen was pretty heavy-going.

“Philip was nice, but nervous. One felt absolutely no relationship between them.”

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Writing in The Telegraph, royal author Cecil Beaton said that the First Lady was “unimpressed by the Palace furnishings and by the Queen’s dress and hairstyle”.

However, Mrs Kennedy ended up visiting the Queen again in 1962 when she was invited without her husband to lunch.

She told the press afterwards: “I don’t think I should say anything about it except how grateful I am and how charming she was.”

The Queen is also said to have awkward relations with the other US President who was in the Oval Office during her reign — Lyndon B. Johnson.

They never met, but a real reason has never been explained.

Archivists at the LBJ Presidential Library said: “President Johnson and Queen Elizabth corresponded from March 1964 to July 1967.

“Nothing serious — congratulations on births, birthday wishes and a condolence message after the death of Churchill.

“Queen Elizabeth never sent an invitation to President Johnson to visit Great Britain.

“And, President Johnson never sent an invitation to the Queen to visit the United States.”

The White House Historical Association suggested that the Queen may have been unable to meet him because she was pregnant — for that same reason, she was unable to attend John F Kennedy’s funeral in 1963.

However, royal fans have long speculated that there may have been another reason.

Although Mr Biden has spoken up in defence of Meghan Markle and her decision to discuss her mental health struggles on international TV, there is not expected to be any tension between the two.

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