RAF flypast route map: How to see Voyager and Typhoon fighter jets TODAY

RAF aircraft sounds urgent 7700 'squawk'

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson will today meet with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in an attempt to strengthen ties on both defence and trade. In honour of Mr Kishida’s visit, a rare RAF flypast will take place over Central London.

Japan’s Prime Minister visiting the UK is part of the post-Brexit initiative to improve ties with Indo-Pacific countries.

Mr Johnson is expected to announce a “landmark defence partnership” known as the Reciprocal Access Agreement.

This partnership means Japanese and British armed forces will be deployed together for the purpose of disaster relief training, general training and joint exercises.

To mark the occasion, today the two Prime Ministers will inspect a guard of honour and observe an RAF flypast.

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RAF Flypast route

Today two Typhoon fighter jets and the RAF Voyager Vespina are expected to fly over central London, setting off from Brize Norton.

The Voyager Vespina will be easy to spot, as it has its tail painted with the Union Jack.

The planes will set off from Brize Norton at 10.43am BST, and reach central London by 11.10am before heading to Royston.

The area over central London is predicted to be approximately over the Horse Guards Parade before heading to Whitehall.

According to a recent air traffic alert, the turn points are:

– Brize Norton: 10.43am

– Holwell: 10.44am

– Eastleach Turville: 10.45am

– VCY Bampton: 10.56am

– W of Goring: 11am

– VCY Cherysey: 11.06am

– Walton On Thames: 11.07am

– Central London: 11.10am

– VCY Banbury Resr: 11.11am

– VCY Royston: 11.17am

Those lucky enough to live or be around these areas will have a clear view as the weather today is bright and sunny.

For those not close by, there is a possibility the flypast will be shown on news channels such as SkyNews and BBC.

Before Mr Kishida’s visit Mr Johnson said: “As two great island democracies … the UK and Japan are focused on driving growth, creating highly skilled jobs and ensuring we remain technology superpowers.

“The visit of Prime Minister Kishida will accelerate our close defence relationship and build on our trade partnership to boost major infrastructure projects across the country – supporting our levelling up agenda.”

For plane enthusiasts, the next big display slated for the RAF will be on June 2, for the Midlands Air Festival.

You can see more on the RAF’s website here.

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