Remains of collapsed bridge in Genoa demolished in controlled explosion

A planned explosion has knocked down the remaining spans and supporting columns of the Italian bridge that collapsed last year, killing 43 people.

The blast in Genoa on Friday morning triggered a huge cloud of dust.

Some 3,500 people who live nearby had been evacuated as a precaution in the hours leading up to the detonation; and sirens sounded a final warning.


Others homes directly under the bridge had been evacuated immediately after the August 14 collapse.

Experts knew Genoa bridge had weakened 20% – report 

Fire hoses sprayed water to reduce dust triggered by the blast. But the cloud of dust and debris still seemed to darken the sunny sky.

Prosecutors are considering possible design flaws or poor maintenance as they search for the cause of the deadly collapse during a period of heavy holiday traffic.

Famed Genoese architect Renzo Piano has designed a new bridge.

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