Removal vans line up outside Number 10 with Boris on holiday again

Removal vans have been spotted in Downing Street, ahead of Boris Johnson’s departure in three weeks.

The Prime Minister is currently on holiday for the second time in a month, despite being due to resign on September 6.

Liz Truss is the front runner to replace him amid an ongoing contest with Rishi Sunak.

The pair are likely to be aware of large yellow and silver vans being seen outside Number 10 – sparking questions about where Mr Johnson intends to see out his last days in office.

It is unclear what was being taken away.

But No 10 reportedly confirmed that the PM can take anything he bought with his own money, suggesting that he would be allowed to remove the infamous wallpaper installed during a lavish redecoration.

Mr Johnson, who took a holiday separate holiday earlier this month amid warnings of further inflation and a recession, has reportedly been seen in Greece with his wife Carrie.

Locals are said to have clocked the pair shopping in a supermarket in the town of Nea Makri, east of Athens, this weekend.

The PM’s spokesman did not confirm where Mr Johnson would be working from when he returns, or if he would be coming back to his Downing Street flat.

But he insisted that Mr Johnson will be kept informed of any ‘urgent issues’ while he is on his latest break.

The spokesman added that the PM paid for his own holiday, following a series of holidays involving the funds or properties of his friends and donors.  

The spokesman explained: ‘As is the way with prime ministers as you know by virtue of their role they’ll obviously be kept informed on any urgent issues and make decisions particularly those (related to) national security for example.’

He added: ‘If there were urgent decisions that required the PM’s input he will, of course, be involved in that. But the Deputy Prime Minister (Dominic Raab) is able to be deputised for meetings should they come up but as far as I’m aware there are no such meetings currently scheduled.’

Asked if Boris Johnson’s holiday could have waited a few weeks, his spokesman said: ‘I can’t get into the decision around timings but he is on leave this week. He will be back this weekend.’

On Monday, former Cabinet minister Brandon Lewis defended Mr Johnson, rejecting any suggestion that he had ‘thrown in the towel’.

He told LBC: ‘Even when you are not in the office in Downing Street you are working.’

Mr Lewis added: ‘He’s probably in about his second week [of] holiday in the last year or so, certainly this year.

‘So while somebody is away, whether they are secretary of state or let alone the Prime Minister, they will be continuing to work.

‘I can assure you he will still be going through inboxes, he will still be dealing with national security issues where relevant. Being out of the country does not mean the Prime Minister stops working.’

Labour hit out at the Prime Minister, accusing him of treating recent months as ‘one big party’.

A spokesperson said: ‘On the evidence of the last few months it seems to make little difference if the Prime Minister is in the office or on holiday as he has continually failed to meet the challenge of the Tory cost-of-living crisis. It’s all just one big party for Boris Johnson while the country struggles to pay their bills.’

In recent weeks, Mr Johnson has also been seen flying a fighter jet and getting involved in a military drill involving a rocket launcher.

He was also accused of missing a Cobra meeting because he was planning a post-wedding bash which took place last month.

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