Restaurant boss hits back after scathing Tripadvisor review

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The owner of a Worcestershire restaurant has hit out at a diner who left a bad review of the restaurant on TripAdvisor. The foodie wrote a scathing critique of the food but also directed ire at the eatery’s wallpaper.

Despite the eatery, Waz’s Bistrot in Bromsgrove, having an average five-star rating on the website, user BLONDIE4214 appeared not to enjoy their meal.

The three-star review she left prompted owner Mohamed Wassim Draoui to retaliate, saying he wouldn’t converse with a “non-connoisseur”.

The write-up said: “Visited here last night on the recommendation of a friend. To be honest, I wasn’t keen. 

“I have read all the five star reviews, but I found the food disappointing.

“The tagine was very watery and full of dried apricots and sticks of what I think was rosemary.

“Didn’t really like the graffiti on the walls, reminded me of a public toilet!!!!” the unsatisfied customer concluded.

The restaurant, which has a Tripadvisor rating of five, has received a total of 434 reviews, including 413 five-star write-ups.

“Bonjour Madame Blondie,” the retort began. “Your choice of comparison regarding our wallpaper said it all about your level.

“We can’t please everyone, not entering a discussion with a non-connaisseur about a traditional tagine made by a North African chef, Merci beaucoup for your feedback.”

According to travel website, Waz’s Bistrot in Bromsgrove, England has more than 430 reviews — 413 of which gave the eatery 5-stars.

“Fab food fab drink fab service, Fabb! Will definitely go again. taking the whole family next time. Delicious! Waz’s was a hit,” one diner wrote.

“Cuisine is presented to Michelin Star standards. Flavors explode on your pallet. Personal service by the owner who is head chef,” said another.

The restaurant has reportedly been shut down for several months in preparation for a grand reopening at a new venue on December 10, according to their website.

Among the many positive reviews, one reads: “First time at Waz’s on Thursday – what a fantastic experience.

“We were recommended it at the beginning of the year and finally got round to visiting – and we’re so glad we did.

“The welcome we had was so warm and friendly and the food was amazing.

“To round off the meal we had a delicious cocktail – best Espresso Martini I have ever had (and I’ve had quite a few). Thanks Waz – we will definitely be back.”

Another diner wrote: “Cuisine is presented to Michelin Star standards. Flavours explode on you’re pallet. Personal service by owner who is head chef.

“Prices reflect the standard of food, for myself on a finer detail would be to have fabric napkins and tablecloths to enhance the quality the high standard of delicious food.”

And a third said: “Visited at the weekend and have never been somewhere with such attention to detail. Tasted several wines before deciding with help from the restaurant owner. Delicious salamis as an appetiser, couldn’t decide if I wanted mussels so they bought a sample which was exquisite. 

“Ended up having a steak which was a work of art and so perfectly cooked could cut with a fork. My partner had spaghetti with seafood which of course I attacked, again divine.

“The cheese selection was amazing and the Waz’s surprise dessert caused a battle of the forks never mind the divine champagne sorbet. 

“The staff were amazing, the service second to none, wish I’d known about this place earlier. Will definitely be back. Good luck deciding what to have the menu is amazing.”

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