Richard Dawkins’ brutal attack on the left: ‘They’re all cowards!’

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Professor Richard Dawkins has become one of the most respected in his field. An evolutionary biologist, the scientist has become more known for his dogmatic atheism than his profession. After writing several science-based books, Prof Dawkins published the “God Delusion” which sought to once and for all conclude the non-existence of a god.

It sent shockwaves around the world and was translated into 35 languages including Arabic, and has since been downloaded three million times in Saudi Arabia alone where the penalty for apostasy is punishable by death.

The scientist largely fell under the radar after the publication of his book, appearing a handful of times fiercely debating with various religious leaders.

Perhaps most famous, his short debate with lead singer of The Killers, Brandon Flowers, over the latter’s belief in Mormonism.

Less known is Prof Dawkins for his strong and overt political views.

Yet, during an interview earlier this year with The Sun, he condemned his fellow liberals as “cowards” over their apparent failure to condemn Islam for the way it treats certain people.

When asked whether it was possible to have a sensible conversation about Islam, Prof Dawkins explained why it had became particularly difficult for him.

He said: “People who think I’m right wing, are decent liberal people who I regard as my own – I’ve always been among those people.

“But I regard them as cowards because they cave in and they do not observe their principles of feminism, of gay rights, all the things that decent liberal people believe, suddenly they forget about them when it comes to Islam.

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“And, I think I know why: I think it’s because they mistakenly think Islam is a race, which it isn’t, it’s a religion: if you can covert to it it’s not a race.

“And, because they’re decent liberals and extremely against racism as of course I am, they fear being thought racist which trumps the fear of being thought misogynistic or homophobic.

“So they overlook the homophobia and the rampant misogyny of extreme Islamism.

“They, as it were, betray their decent liberal principles.


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“If a liberal like me does not betray those principles and does condemn the misogyny and the homophobia of Islamic theocracies, they will turn on us and call us right wing Islamophobes because they have betrayed their liberal principles.”

Earlier on in the interview, Prof Dawkins doubled up on his dishing out of political rhetoric and argued that electoral reform was needed in the UK should it desire to modernise as a society.

It came as he resolutely rejected the Brexit referendum’s result, arguing that many young people, should they have been able to vote, would have opted to Remain a part of the EU.

He said: “We do for obvious practical reasons impose an age threshold, in some countries it’s 21, in most countries it’s 18, in some countries it’s 16.

“From time to time there’s pressure to reduce the voting age to 16, I think it was reduced in Scotland for the Scottish referendum.

“You can argue about exactly where to place the age threshold.

“I think what I would like to see would be something like this: Once you’re 18, then you get the vote, and that’s it.

“But when you’re 16 I could imagine having a sort of driving test, similar to the test which would-be immigrants to this country have to take, it’s quite a stiff test. I’ve had a look at it myself.

“It’s quite interesting, questions about British life and things, but you could have questions about British democracy and about the issues of the day, economics, and politics, and history and things.

“And, if a 16-year-old passes that test then they get the vote, if they don’t they have to wait until their 18 – I think that might be rather a good way of weaning young people into their age a level of political responsibility.

“They could wait until they’re 18 and just vote anyway or they could if they’re interested, they could take a sort of driving test.

“I think it could be a good way of allowing those young people who really do know a lot and have responsibility to be allowed to vote; that they should be allowed to vote.”

His comments chime with the Electoral Reform Society (ERS) who have campaigned to lower the voting age across the UK.

When contacted by, the ERS said: “Thankfully we’ve already had a ‘test’ for extending the franchise.

“Sixteen and 17-year-olds have been able to vote in Scotland for years, and it’s been a resounding success, with former critics now firmly on board. – It’s time the outdated Westminster machine followed suit.

“This isn’t just about having a say: extending the vote can foster a sense of civic duty, community, and voting habits that last a lifetime.”

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