Rishi admits he's a Coca-Cola addict and a 'nerd' with Star Wars lightsabers

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has admitted that he rations himself to one can of Coca-Cola every seven days.

Mr Sunak also confessed he thinks he is a ‘nerd’ and keeps Star Wars lightsabers in Downing Street.

In a list of admissions in his one-on-one chat with Piers Morgan the UK’s youngest Prime Minister also said he keeps Lego Star Wars at Number 10 – but said it belonged to his children.

Speaking the interview he said: ‘Well, I have children, so I get permission to play Star Wars Lego and lightsabers.’

Rishi also admitted to still being addicted to Coke, admitting he doesn’t like the taste of alcohol, but said he was ‘down to one a week… I have this special thing for a particular type of Coke, which is in the fridge somewhere.’

His comments about Coke come after a gaffe last year where a video of him talking about his love of the fizzy drink went viral.

Sunak also famously handed out cans of Coke and Sprite to journalists when he launched his leadership bid.

In March last year he was filmed speaking to schoolchildren about his love for the fizzy drink, proclaiming: ‘I’m a Coke addict. A total Coke addict.’

He quickly rowed back, clarifying: ‘Coca-Cola addict. Just for the record. Just to be totally clear. I am a Coca-Cola addict. I have seven fillings to show for it.’

He said that in recent years he has had to cut down on his habit because of his dental issues and advised others fiending the drink to quit too.

‘I’m only allowed one a week now,’ he said. ‘So I’m an enormous Coca-Cola fan. No Diet Coke. No Coke Zero. Never any Pepsi.

‘Actually my favourite drink is not even Coke it’s called Mexican Coke. It’s special Coke. It’s the only place in the world where Coke is made with cane sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup, for the people who are really interested in this kind of thing.’

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